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What is the true essence of Wealth?
Many people think it means, what you have in your wallet, bank accounts, your following, and what you have at home. Oh no, that is far from the truth. Wealth is God(the Trinity)Faith, Anointing, Wisdom, Knowledge, Family, Life, information, resources, visions, plans, dreams, health, and most of all love with action. Wisdom is more valuable than anything money can buy. Wisdom walks with prudence, and it automatically connected in a covenant with Knowledge as her discretion. Therefore, Wealth is a done deal, and it is forever attracted to you in all areas of life. 
Wealth is an only transferred by two things, your mentality, your Faith connected to your actions. When you change your mindset, then you see start to see a change in your entire life. Wisdom love all who love her, and especially those who seek to find her. Wisdom disburses a rich inheritance on anyone who loves her. She makes every individual treasury full with huge daily deposits. 
WWA(Wisdom With Action) is the antidote for a Successful Wealthy Life, the way God intended. 
Read and Meditate on(Prov 8).
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