one woman man
By : King Dee 

When God made man he also made the woman
for whom would should treat as royalty
and if it wasn't for woman we would be nothing
there's no need for all this fronting
playing with woman's heart is playing with her soul
and in time all your indiscretions will unfold
i don't care what nobody says aint no man tryna grow old & alone
therefore your nights will often be cold
by running from woman to woman you'll only cheating yourself
then you gonna look up and have nothing else
boys cheat but real men commit 
and loving multiple women aint it
quit tryna play like a man and be one
before you grow up without one
must men our in fear of loosing their manhood by setting down
but it's with that thinking your always be lost and never found
i don't know about you but one woman is all i need
cause i choose not to use a bunch of woman so my heart can feed

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