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May 17
Blessings and GA RPELF, we are live on the air now listen in to Oil In Marriage Sonday WorShift Explosion Radio!
Call in 657-383-1918-or-tune in at


An introduction of an Authentic Lifestyle, "According to God's Holy Ordinance".

Are you Ready for this NEW WorShift Experience?

Hosted by the Holy Spirit. Speaker of the Hour Pastor Patricia Johnson

This is the Third Sonday of this Majestic, Marvelous, Magnificent, and Monublissfully Favored Month.

If you are expecting and ready for Healing, Breakthroughs, Dominion Increase, Revelations, Prophetic Manifestations, and heavenly divine interventions with God over the airways. Tune in, this is the place to be, and EXPECT a Supersonic Supernatural MIRACLE on PURPOSE! Tell everyone you know about this broadcast, it is going to be Trifectally Epic. See you all on the air, Agape~
Oil In Marriage Sonday WorShift Explosion Radio!!!
I Am A Ruby Network and WOSV presenting God's Ordained Assignment. Oil In Marriage. Live 5/17/20 Sonday, at 3:00 pm EST for an introduction of an Aut…

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