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A Rain of Abundance Is Falling!
A Refreshing Rain…Restoring Rain

“You, O God, did send a plentiful rain; You did restore and confirm your heritage when it languished and was weary”. Psalm 68:9 AMP

Note: Today’s meditation is prophetic in nature and therefore might not be totally comprehended by everyone. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact me for clarification.

A drenching rain is coming! However, some people won’t be able to reap the advantages of this rain … because it a supernatural rain that will yield increase in both realms. This rain will pour down upon the earth – to saturate those children of God who are waiting in great expectation of it! The Lord is sending this rain: to cleanse, to heal, to restore and to maintain.

The rain will be felt as you prophetically dance in the presence of the Lord to the beat that is within your spirit. Worship in this rain. Listen in this rain. Obey in this rain. Receive your next instructions and strategic plans in this rain!

Not everyone will comprehend the fact that it’s raining. Many will know that something is occurring – but won’t understand exactly what. Still others will know “ABOUT” the rain – but haven’t developed the type of relationship with the Lord that will afford them the opportunity to reap any of the benefits from it.

The effects which are being released from this rain are eternal. They won’t wear off – but will wear in. This rain will cleanse. This rain will awaken. This rain will unlock. This rain will release. This rain will saturate; producing healing, wholeness and bringing total peace (NOTHING lacking, NOTHING broken, NOTHING missing!).

This rain will also confirm. This rain will also seal. This rain will also bind. This rain will also initiate a coagulation process for spiritual wounds that have bleeding for years.

Revelation, manifestation, transformation and reformation…. All benefits from soaking in this rain. No umbrellas for this rain…. Become completely soaked! You are about to acquire an enriched, a totally refreshing and an awesomely rewarding experience.

So get free….. and Dance, Dance, Dance IN THIS RAIN OF ABUNDANCE!!!!
Decree, Decree, Decree IN THIS RAIN OF ABUNDANCE!!!!
And Rest, Rest, Rest IN THIS RAIN OF ABUNDANCE!!!!

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