Adjust Your R.A.D.A.R.  to the correct frequency!


As we here in many of the United States are about to undergo the transition in our schedules as we move from Daylight Savings Time, we must also come to the realization that an adjustment is necessary in the realm of the Spirit.

We must learn to adjust the settings on our spiritual radars. so that they will operate on the frequency that will detect adverse activity.

Our radars are the multi-faceted instruments that the Lord has given to us that equip us with the ability to successfully maneuver in the realm of the spirit.  We, as spiritual beings have been given the privilege to ascend beyond this realm – if we

“Adjust our R.A.D.A.R.”

Let’s apply this acronym for radar as we adjust.

R- Rest. Many of us don’t really know how to rest in the Lord.  We “THINK” that we are resting in the Him. Yet, in several instances – if we are truthful, slow down and consider “ALL” of our actions, we will discover that for the most part, we are not resting fully in the Lord. When we truly rest in the Lord, THEN our lives will reflect His peace.. that will conquer all.  (Psalm 62:1-2)


A- Anoint. As we are aware, to anoint is to pour oil upon; to smear or rub, etc.  Therefore, as we daily physically anoint ourselves with oil; we should also anoint our minds, renewing them with the plans, purposes, decrees and declarations of God. (2 Corinthians 1:21-22 ESV).


D - Dominate your Domain! The time for being passive in the realm of the Spirit has ended!!! To successfully adjust our frequency, requires that we are willing take a militant stand for the Lord – REGARDLESS! Our biblical examples like Daniel, Esther, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, etc. were not passive ….but have showen us how to “Dominate our Domain!


A - Advance.  Be determine that you will not be content with your current state.  Anything that is alive grows.  However, the nutritional composure of our diets (spiritual and natural) will determine our level of advancement.  There is no better way to advance in the kingdom of God than to study….not just read…but to STUDY the Word of God! (Proverbs 18:15)


R- Reflect. Don’t assume that you are making a “dent” in the realm of the Spirit.  Are you really a threat to the kingdom of darkness?  Does the enemy really become upset when you arise daily?  One definition for the word reflect is to think deeply and carefully about.  Another says to mirror.  Let’s take some time to seriously consider the spiritual frequency for which our radars are operating.

 (2 Corinthians 13:5)


In conclusion, to properly adjust our radars to the effective frequency we must; Rest in the Lord, , Anoint every part of our being, Dominate our domain,  Advance and not become stagnant and lastly Reflect on past operations in the realm of the Spirit!


It’s a new day, a new season and a new frequency….are you prepared?


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