.. And you will never THIRST again!

“but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again” John 4:14a


In recent years, the spirit of man has increasingly become aware of the fact that there is a lack in one of our vital areas.   We have become conscious of the reality that we have within us an area that seems to have an unquenchable thirst.   We have a constant longing for fulfillment.    As always, the spirit of pride has persuaded us to think that we have the perfect answer! 


So, as the end of time as we know it draws nigh, our spirits (saved or unsaved) sense a global spiritual lack of the presence of God.  Our spirits can even detect the abnormal occurrences that nature is revealing.  We can “feel” that we need something – which is fantastic!  However our solution is inadequate.  Man has attempted to satisfy a spiritual necessity with a physical device.

We have chosen the correct element – but in the wrong form!


Wherever we go (at least here in America), what do we see in the possession of most people –  even during the winter season?  The rich, the poor; the young, the old; blue collar, white collar – EVERYONE seems to feel the need to have one of these in their possession – wherever they go.  What is it?  It’s their bottle of water!  Many people will not leave home without it!


Have you ever questioned where this notion of an inseparable water bottle has surfaced?  Now of course we are aware of our body’s natural requirement for water – especially during times of exertion. However, we must wonder if this obsession with the constant need of physical water is an attempt to satisfy in the natural what can only be fulfilled in the realm of the spirit.   Is this a strategic ploy from the enemy to divert our attention from the real issue?   Or do we so lack the ability to discipline our flesh that we must revert to the scenario of a toddler and their “sippee cup”?  Whatever the answer, we can all (well… some of us) remember the days when people so respected the Lord that they would never bring anything to eat or to drink into the worship service.  People would rarely even give the babies a bottle during a worship service.  They would quietly dismiss themselves, and return when the child was finished their bottle Why? Because everyone was taught to respect the presence of the Lord…..and not to focus on themselves but on the Lord.  However, now we aren’t as disciplined – the church and the government have strayed from “the ancient landmark” (Proverbs 22:28).  As a result, now we - our entire nation - have undeveloped, underdeveloped, undisciplined spirits – that have a longing and a thirst…… that we are attempting to satisfy with physical water.


To wrap this up (because there is a lot more that could be added concerning the physical vs. the spiritual water) – I’ll say this, when we begin to appease our spirit man with more spiritual water, then and only then we will be totally satisfied and gratified.  However, above all, God will be glorified, His Spirit edified and His presence magnified in our lives.


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