Be Mindful of Your Actions…..

Because All Eyes Are On You!!!

“And WHATEVER ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,…..”  Colossians 3:17



Believe it or not – someone is watching you!  Could be: a neighbor, co-worker, family member, someone that you pass on a regular basis, your favorite waitress or waiter, and this list could continue forever!  However, we must realize that because we have made a decision to stand for Christ, our every move is on display.  We are daily making an impact on the life of someone.  The problem is…..What type of imprint am I stamping in the lives of those who may not know me…may not know my name – but SEE me on a regular basis?


Think about it…. Am I known by my “walk” or my “talk”?  Most of us can talk a good game.  We have all of the correct answers and responses.  But, does my talk outweigh my walk?  Does my “dedication” to the Lord end when I leave my church or place of worship? If the people with whom I worship and the people who see me on a regular basis were to compare their notes on me – would they think that they are comparing two entirely different people?  


I’m reminded of an incident which occurred many years ago.  While shopping I had an encounter with a store manager.   Prior to leaving the store, my son said to me, “Wow, you were very nasty to him”.   So, my immediate response was to go find the manager and apologize to him for the manner in which I had spoken to him. It wasn’t what I had said, yet, it was the manner in which I had spoken the words.   Now, I didn’t attempt to justify my actions - by presenting any explanations to the store manager or to my son.  I just moved in instant obedience to correct my wrong.  I instantly apologized to the manager. I didn’t ask God to forgive me without FIRST going to the person to whom I had offended. Therefore, my actions were more impressive than any preached sermon; impacting both the manager and my son.


In response to Genesis 4:9, yes – I am my brother’s keeper.  It IS my responsibility to be more concerned about the impact that I am making on and in this world.  I’ve heard many people say, “Well I’m just being me.”  Yes…and that’s the problem.  God doesn’t want us to be ourselves – He wants us to: renew our minds (Romans 12:1&2), come out from among the foolishness (II Corinthians 6:17 & 18) and live a lifestyle that is in accord with who He is!   Everyone has come out of the closet – except the Saints of God!  God doesn’t need any secret agents or undercover Saints; especially when it comes to taking a stand for Him and mirroring all that He has instructed us to do. 


So make a decision to be more conscious about those who are watching you.  Don’t air your dirty laundry in public!  There are times when it is necessary to be transparent; but use wisdom.  The Lord will advise you when and when not to be transparent. 


Become more concerned about being a living example for the Lord – than satisfying your flesh.  (Note: Fast and pray for the strength to totally eradicate sinful acts!)


Anyone can say, “Lord I love you”.  However, are you willing to “Show” that love by slaying the deeds of your flesh (Romans 8:13 & Colossians 3:5) and allowing your daily lifestyle to become the magnet, which will attract the people who are watching you? 


Believe it or not, All Eyes Are On You!!!!

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