Because I’m Still Holding The Reins

 I’m Yielded ….. But Not Broken

“Not of works”....  Ephesians 2:9


With the impact that this strand of coronavirus has presented, has come to surface the realization of where our true position is in the Lord.    The Lord wants to be in total control of our lives.  However, for the most part, far too many of His faithful followers haven’t received the boldness which is required for them to operate from a platform of being “broken”.  They are faithful in the “doing” while lacking in the “being”.  In other words, we are basically still living our lives from the position of observing the law (the covenant of works); instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to accomplish His work through us.

We have yielded our thoughts, actions and words to the LEADING of the Holy Spirit which is a great achievement… for a new convert…but not for a seasoned saint.  Think about it.  When I “yield” in a given situation; I remain in control and decide the outcome of that situation.   When I am yielded, I will faithfully and in all sincerity: pay my tithes, “assemble myself with other believers”, study and read my Bible, etc.  However, because I am only yielded – I am still basing my relationship with the Lord on all of these things that I am “doing”. 

When I become that broken vessel …. I have matured to the place where I am no longer in control at all.  Therefore my mind has been renewed to the extent that I will move in instant obedience to the voice of the Lord.  A broken vessel truly “Takes no thought for tomorrow” when they receive a command from the Lord. A broken vessel doesn’t worry, fret or become overly concerned about the outcome of situations or circumstances.  A broken vessel understands that such words as “accident” or “emergency” have emulated from the kingdom of darkness….in an attempt to force us to take back the reins and move hastily  - often making unwise decisions!   A broken vessel has learned the art of resting in the assurance of the unconditional love of the Lord – regardless. 

A yielded vessel will know that they’ve heard the voice of the Lord; but may delay in obeying…

A broken vessel will know that they’ve heard the voice of the Lord and without giving it a second thought - instantly obey. 

A yielded vessel will still “stake claims” on and cling to their material possessions….

A broken vessel will say, “Lord EVERYTHING that I have is yours” - …. And they will freely release ANYTHING that they possess when the initial instruction comes from the Lord

We all still have areas in our lives where we are yielded vessels; still in the process of being molded, reshaped and refashioned.   When we are totally broken vessels, we will be vessels that have been stripped of every hindering traditional ideology, concept and precept.  Then once stripped, we as broken vessels can now be completely engulfed by the power of the Holy Spirit and refashioned to be used totally by Him for His glory.  

To be effective in these last days; we can no longer be just yielded vessels.  It’s a new day!  It is now time for those who are truly the “called out ones” to totally submit to being used by the Lord.  I understand that many may disagree with my stand.  Nevertheless, I whole heartedly believe that if WE - are truly in the state of` being broken; then, we will receive our instructions from the Lord and not the government concerning our lives.  In my opinion, many are fearful – and yielded but not broken.  Therefore, in my opinion - they are hiding and using the statement that “we must obey the laws of the land” because they are fearful, ignorant concerning the power of God, and yielded instead of being broken.  Yes! We are absolutely to obey the government concerning matters of the world.  However, again, in my opinion, when the governmental laws interfere or contradict the instructions of God….  Are we to obey man or God??? (SELAH! As my Son would say)

So, simply because many are yielded – the spirit of fear has engulfed their minds.  Therefore, instead of operating from a platform of brokenness, we have been diminished to the infant status of yieldedness!    The Lord doesn’t desire for us to only be yielded.   I reiterate, we must become broken vessels by Him for Him. 

I challenge you to sincerely seek the face of God, asking Him to reveal the areas in your mind where ungodly or immature strongholds still exist…. The areas where you are only yielded – and not broken.  

        We must be determined to become broken vessels because:

         Broken vessels are vessels of virtue;

         Broken vessels are vessels of valor and above all;

         Broken vessels are vessels of Victory!

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.  Isaiah 43:19

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