Because The Time Is NOW….

Go and Possess Your Land!

“Let us go up at once and take possession of it..” Numbers 13:30


In the same fashion that God lead and directed His people in times pass; so is He doing today.  Sometimes it appears that we have forgotten that the ultimate battle has already been won and the victory is already ours! Many appear to have developed the mind set of the victim in this war (especially concerning this pandemic!) instead of the victor.  Far too much time is spent focusing on “the what” we are observing in this physical realm – than standing in FAITH and proclaiming the promises of God.

REMEMBER: It doesn’t matter what the intensity or the volume of my voice may be – if my words are not spoken in FAITH and in alignment with the Word of God – I’m just wasting my time!  It doesn’t matter how many times I decree something; if my mind has not been renewed to the extent that it is in total agreement with the manifestation of my decrees. 

Possessing my land requires the following: an ear to hear the voice of God, the discipline to move out in His timing, a discerning spirit that detects every diabolical move from the kingdom of darkness and an unshakable, steadfast confidence in the Word of God. 

So it’s time to learn how to obtain “sweat less” victories! (Note: The Levitical priest were instructed to were linen as opposed to wool as to not sweat in the presence of the Lord. Research Ezekiel 44:17,18.) We, in our power, can’t make our adversary do anything.  He fears not our words – nor our hype!  However, he MUST, MUST become subject to the Word of God when it is spoken. 

Don’t permit any type of fear to cancel your FAITH!  Speak the Word of God, and don’t permit ANY negative words to override or cancel what you have spoken!

Lastly, learn how to extend your prayers above the battle ground and into to the courtroom!  When we learn how to spend more time in the presence of the Lord in worship – we will have the advantage of descending in power.  We will have the privilege of walking as Christ did; telling the enemy, “It is written”.  Don’t permit him (the enemy) to have the upper hand any longer.  God has commanded and Jesus has defeated every opposing force.  Soooo why the delay?  The time is now! The person is you.  Move forward, keep your focus and go possess our land!

“God will throw open the doors of his sky vaults and pour rain on your land on schedule and bless the work you take in hand. You will lend to many nations but you yourself won’t have to take out a loan. God will make you the head, not the tail; you’ll always be the top dog, never the underdog, as you obediently listen to and diligently keep the commands of God……”                                                                                                                                                                                                                Deuteronomy 28:13,14  (The Message Bible)

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