Broken Boundaries Re-established

Broken Boundaries Re-established

“I have been crucified with Christ: and I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me. And the real life I now have within this body is a result of my trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20


As we begin to reestablish our broken boundaries, we must realize that if our ear is not disciplined - we will not have the ability to recognize nor understand the enhanced prophetic instructions from the Lord.  We have been given specific orders; however, without an “ear to hear” we will continue to proceed through every day conducting “business as usual”.

To live a life that has been and is becoming more crucified requires that we re-establish and maintain boundaries.    Therefore, I must be determined that I will; without regards to the cost; not permit the cares, pleasures and lifestyles of this world, to persuade me to permit my God given boundaries to become broken.    So.. I might have to eliminate some relationships, fine tune my “inner circle”, and realize that the strategies that were effective yesterday are totally irrelevant for this season! 

Today, we are witnessing the effects of “broken boundaries” in our homes, our government… and what’s even worst, within the body of Christ.   The body of Christ as a whole has the power to totally uproot and overthrow every diabolical decision that our government or our society has attempted to impose upon us.   However, because we have permitted so many boundaries to become broken; the Holy Spirit who resides WITHIN us is no longer living THROUGH us. 

We must at all times remain cognizant of the fact that the boundaries which God has established for our lives must remain intact.  Sadly to say; far too many of us have expanded the perimeters which God has established to guard our spirit, soul and body.  We have gradually, inch by inch removed the “ancient landmarks”.  Therefore, as a result of these broken boundaries; the body of Christ as a whole has loss her stamina, power, authority and respect.  Of course… there are a few groups here and there who are making an impact against diabolical maneuvers.  However, when you consider the amount of people who profess to be the followers of the teachings of Christ; and who have surrendered their lives to the Lord; and compare it to the influence that we are exhibiting in major decision making; it is evident that we have too many broken boundaries.

For an example; I can remember in times past when the “real” Saints didn’t play numbers, gamble, etc; however, now you have houses of worship sponsoring trips to the casinos….. the such are the results of Broken Boundaries.  Previously, Saints didn’t watch various programs on the television; now I hear and see everyone talking about the latest weekly series (which for the most part are night-time soap operas!) - Broken Boundaries.  We have also broken the boundaries when considering what we permit our spiritual diets to contain.  Most spiritual diets today aren’t composed of enough spiritual nutrition to sustain a newborn Saint…..Broken Boundaries.  

Let’s eagerly begin to reestablish the broken boundaries in our lives by allowing the Holy Spirit who dwells within us to truly live through us.  This means taking a non-compromising stand for everything that God opposes….regardless!  This means no negotiating or “plea bargaining” when it comes to what we do, where we go, what we eat, what we say, what we wear; our giving and our living; our dispositions nor our attitudes. 

So… because we have been crucified with Christ, trust God! We must tune in to that realm where the prophetic voice is as audible and natural to us as taking our next breath! We must allow the life that we now live, to be a living sacrifice of a lifestyle that exemplifies the power, and the authority of the Holy Spirit who inhabits our spiritman.  The world needs what we have.  

Therefore, we must:

At any cost, refuse to permit our boundaries to remain broken! 

At any cost develop a mindset that will remain militant, focused and determine in our quest to reestablish the broken boundaries.

At any cost maintain an alert, discerning ear; sensitive to the prophetic voice of God…. and watch God use YOU to begin this transformation of Re-establishing Broken Boundaries!

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