Brokenness = Maturity

Brokenness = Maturity

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; ……. Psalm 51:17


Simply put….God desires to take you to an added dimension in Him; however you are still lacking the maturity that occurs as the result of a totally broken spirit before the Lord.


When we refer to various Biblical patriarchs we can observe that they all had to experience a season of brokenness prior to being used mightily for the Lord.  One of the keys to brokenness is to place the flesh under subjection through fasting.


In our modern culture here in America, we have expanded the concept of fasting to incorporate the meaning of “the abstinence of”……whatever. We are, in many instances not referring to food; but abstaining from various activities, mindsets and behavioral patterns. 


When we refer to the Hebrew word used in the Bible for fasting, TSOM (pronounced ts-oom), it means to cover the mouth.  Then the Greek word, nesteia (pronounced nace-ty-oo), means to abstain from food.  So we could conclude that both the Old and New Testaments place the emphasis on “food”.


Could the reason why true brokenness hasn’t occurred be that we’ve attempted to alter its original definition?  Could it be that we have replaced instead of enhancing?  Without regards to any additional concepts – fasting must; according to the Biblical definitions; at some point include an abstaining from food. 


God needs us to be totally free IN Him – to be totally used OF Him.  He needs and is requiring of us a deeper relationship WITH Him.  He is requiring that our minds operate from a level of maturity which is representative of one who is broken from any and everything that doesn’t resemble Him.


Consider these types of fast as you deepen your relationship with the Lord.

Elijah’s Fast – I Kings 19

Widow’s Fast – I Kings 17:8-16

Paul’s Fast – Acts 9:9

Daniel’s Fast – Daniel 1:8-14; 10:3

John’s Fast – John 1:6 &7

Esther’s Fast – Esther 4


This IS the season of breakthrough.  God has broken through, broken out and broken up everything in the realm of the spirit that has been a bondage, a noose or an anchor.  He has broken through diabolical plots and plans.  He has cleared the atmosphere of every lingering spirit that has once held us captive. 


Now we must do our part.  We must align, renew and fortify the spirits of our minds; thus permitting them to become broken; and now mature enough to reap supernaturally all of the benefits which we now possess.  An immature unbroken spirit will not have the ability to advance in this new dimension.  God has begun to shower those who are ready; who are mature enough to reap this harvest.   However many will not even have the maturity to be able to comprehend or to understand fully this move of God. 


In this season maturity is the key.  God needs to use US to do great exploits….. but we still need to obtain a level of maturity that only true brokenness has birthed!

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