Confrontation is a Must

Confrontation is a Must

Read: Nehemiah 4


When we observe the photographs of the warriors and soldiers who were engaged in battle, we will notice that their armor and/or protective gear only covered the front of their bodies.  Therefore, they were only prepared to have a face to face encounter with their enemy.  Their armor offered minimal or no protection for their backs.  They had to keep their enemy in front of them and never permit their enemies to approach them from the back – as this would surely cost them their lives.  Their attitude wasn’t passive, their mindset was sure, and their weapons were in hand.


Today, we must remember that we are still builders of the wall.  As we continue to build our impenetrable, imperforateable  barrier; we must also maintain the stamina which is required to boldly and confidently confront every force that will oppose us.  We can’t just sit around, and forget that we are constantly engaged in a war!  We must have the mindset that “I” will stand up and attack any and everything that is not “God ordained”. 


Therefore, I must always bear in mind that my spiritual armor must remain intact at all times.  I can’t for one iota lose sight of my enemy.  I must observe his tracks, and confront him BEFORE he makes his next move!  It is imperative that my attack to not reactive – but proactive.  I must also know my weapons and how to use them - if my confrontation is to make an impact.


So to summarize (Read II Corinthians 10:1-6):

Confrontation is the most effective when it is initiated in the realm of the spirit. 

Confrontation is strategically implemented when it is motivated by the spirit. 

Confrontation is a vital requirement for every successful endtime saint of God.

Confrontation mandates that I gird up the loins of my mind.

Confrontation refuses to permit any: idea, motive or action which is contrary to God’s written Word to manifest its self in my presence.


Remember: Whatever I fail to confront – receives my stamp of approval!

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