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Blessings Everyone Day 10:

Father God, we come against this ancient demon of human trafficking, his friends of molestation, rape, incest, drugs, alcohol, suicide, murder, rage, abandonment, loneliness, slavery and banish them all to the dry pits of hades never to return again in Jesus, we cancel out every negative thought and word curses spoken over those who are affected by Human Trafficking in Jesus, we pray Psalms 91 as a Divine Prayer of Protection all over their lives, in Jesus, we declare Psalms 118:17 that they shall live and not die and declare the majestic works of the Lord, I Prophesy, Declare and Decree that you will satisfy them with long life according to your Word in Psalms 91:16, in Jesus, Lord, we thank you for keeping them safe as you will show the no name that no weapon formed against your children cannot prosper according to Isaiah 54:17, in Jesus, we thank you for everything you are doing in their lives. We thank you for answering our Prayer requests too. We cancel out any whiplash, backlash, silent killers, premature death, demonic entities and demonic minions, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, succubus and inccubus along with the demonic bounty hunters to the 20th Generation, in Jesus, Ne’Eman, Ne’Eman, Ne’Eman. We love everyone to life and please remember our Corporate Day of Fasting starts midnight tonight until 3PM your time zone. Tomorrow, we will ask you to share what God has spoken to you during your time of Consecratiom, Fasting and Prayer. Isa. 58:1-14 is our Scripture. We will post up this week the date and time of our very first radio show addressing human trafficking. If you would like us to Pray for anyone who has been involved, know some one who has been involved or worked to set God’s children free, please let us know. We are doing this corporately, so that we can set them free. We aren’t delivering them, because that’s a temporary solution, but setting them free, so that they can remain free. We will be doing things every month in 2019 too. This is only the beginning and I thank God in advance for changing the lives of those who have been affected by this and that even those who perpetuate this heinous crime against God’s children will repent and speak to others who are thinking about doing the same thing to prevent them too from going down this path that leads to death. We love you all to life.


Senior Pastor Syanika and Asst Pastor Mother Patty

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