Day 18 - The Day of Positioning

The Day of Positioning
Lord, you are supreme in power & position.
“Elhoy Marom”
(The God of heights – Micah 6:6)

Read Jeremiah 6:6-16

As this text is researched, we can observe that the word “height” here signifies supremacy of power and position.

Lord, may I now aline and place everything under the authority of who you are. May I never exalt the power of my thoughts or actions above what your word demonstrates and declares.

I will no longer surrender to; and I forbid, any other power to rule or to reign in my life. My acceptance of your sovereignty and my knowledge of your omnipotence validate who you are. I ask that those character qualities fully infiltrate my every thought. May I renew my mind to the extent that I have reworded my vocabulary; to release from my mouth, only the words that will reflect what your Word declares.

There is no other; nor has there ever been; nor ever will be; any force; - visible or invisible, that is able to be in comparison with who you are. Your attributes reveal that you are matchless. Therefore you are the monarch, the exalted one. We could climb up to the highest mountain; even search the lowest valley…. And the supremacy of your power and authority would yet reveal that… There’s NOBODY GREATER THAN YOU!

May I continuously position my spirit to operate in submission only to your sovereign reign, your absolute authority and your ultimate guidance… For YOU ALONE ARE GREAT!

I decree and declare that it is so…..In the name of Jesus. Amen


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