Day 2 - The Day of JOY

The Day of Joy


                                                You O Lord are the source of my joy


(God my exceeding Joy - Psalm 43:4)

“……...This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”                                                        Nehemiah 8:10



Read Psalm 43 and Nehemiah 8


Today, Lord may I begin to comprehend that you ARE my joy.   May I realize that my mind must be renewed to the concept, that my ability to remain joyful (full of joy) in the midst of adversity, is one of the battles that must be won.  Consequently, Lord I will totally understand that you and you alone are the nucleus of my joy.  Everything that is necessary for my “JOY” has its basis, its focus and its core emanating from you Lord.


Therefore today I invite you, El Simchath Gili to infiltrate my mind, thus permitting me to remain joyful from this day - forward.  I will not allow any circumstance that may arise cause me to lose my focus.  


So I thank you now, El Simchath Gili for your guidance, direction and the provision of your “joy” - that will be required for each new day.  May the joy that you bring empower me and offer to me the foundation to stand strong today and always.


May I continue to reflect on the strength and encouragement of our patriots who walked by faith as they sang:

 “This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.” 


“… I’ve got the J-O-Y.. Joy of the Holy Ghost; I won’t let the devil steal my joy, I won’t let the devil steal my joy; I won’t let the devil steal my joy; This joy of the Holy Ghost!”


Lastly, may I not misunderstand the concept of happiness and attempt to substitute it for joy.  I must seek to be governed more by the weightier quality of joy – than the temporal “feeling” of happiness.  May I never forget that the feeling of happiness will always be temporary; momentary; based upon the happenings for the moment.  However, joy is not a feeling; but an eternal state of being; thus having the ability to permanently satisfy and to usher in a state of peace – regardless.

Joy, joy, God's great joy ; Joy, joy, down in my soul
Sweet beautiful soul saving joyl Oh joy, joy in my soul (Author unknown)

I decree and declare that it is so…..  In the name of Jesus – Amen. 

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