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Day 27—The Day of Reality
The truth will always prevail!

(Lord of all the earth.)

“The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth”. Psalm 97:5

Read: Jos. 3:11, 13; Ps. 97:5; Zech. 4:14; 6:5.

Lord, you have established and revealed yourself throughout history as the “Lord of all the earth.” Without regards given to the: political, economic, religious customs and any other trend of this world – the truth yet remains ….. YOU are still the Lord of all the earth.

So today may I do a reality check. I ask that you produce within me the awareness that will illuminate every thought pattern that contradicts the reality of who you are. Reveal areas that have not yet been surveyed. Areas where I may have permitted the cares of this world to become residents. May I carefully “weed out” and forcefully evict from my mindset these thoughts which have caused me to conform to the ideologies and methodologies of this world. (Realizing that they have opened the doorways for that triplet of: fear, doubt, and unbelief, to enter.)

Since your character qualities don’t possess the ability for you to change; may I find security in knowing that it doesn’t matter what occurs within this earth – you are still the Lord of this earth and all that transpires in it. You have given to us the dominion over the functioning and governing this earth – but you are still Lord (Psalm 24:1).

Therefore, I will exercise my power and authority to exemplify the REALITY of the fact that your Lordship is ever present. The REALITY of the fact that because your Lordship is ever present I CAN and WILL excel in my every endeavor. The REALITY of the fact that my faith in you, “JEHOVAH ADON KOL-HA’ARETS”, will continue to advance, thus permitting the entrance into this realm of the manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders. Lastly, the REALITY of the fact that I will not leave this earth prematurely, but will live a long and productive life – filled with joy and prosperity!
I decree and declare that it is so….. In the name of Jesus – Amen.

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