Day 29—The Day of Affirming My Promises

Today O Lord….. surround us with the manifestation of your promises through your Promised One.
“Ruach HaKodesh ka'sher dibber”
(Holy Spirit Of Promise (Eph. 1:13)

Read: Acts 2:33; Galatians 3:14; Ephesians 4:21; Ephesians 4:30

Lord, when your Son walked this earth, there came a time when he had to return back to you. However, prior to his departure, he PROMISED those whom he loved that he wouldn’t leave them alone – but would send another comforter to them.

The Holy Spirit is your fulfillment and the revelation of that promise. Jesus’ disciples now had to trust and rely on the Holy Spirit – one whom they couldn’t see, to replace the physical presence of the one that they had seen and loved so much.

As I go THROUGH difficult times and the normal occurrences of this life; may I always cling to and depend upon the eternal, all sufficient power of the Holy Spirit. May I stand anchored and yet affirm that His manifested presence makes accessible every promise that you have stated in your Word.

Thank you Lord for being ever present. Thank you Lord for the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord that I can affirm and confirm the authenticity of your promises through the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord that I can now stand boldly and fulfill every promise that I have decreed during this consecration. Thank you Lord that I can walk as your vessel of integrity …. Honoring every promise that I have uttered… to whomsoever it was spoken.

As you have delivered your Promise and your promises to me; may I perpetually uphold your banner of honor and never become slack concerning any promise that I engage in.

I decree and declare that it is so….. In the name of Jesus – Amen.


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