Day 3- The Day of Deliverance

Day 3- The Day of Deliverance

Lord you are my ultimate Deliverer


(The Lord my Deliverer - Psalm 18:2)

“Surely you shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the noisesome pestilence” Psalm 91:3



Read Psalm 18 & Psalm 91

The Bible displays at least four concepts for the word deliverance. 


 (1) "to deliver out of the hands of..., to escape." We can find this example in the Hebrew word “Natsal” (Strong's #5337)

(2) "drawing someone to one's self." – “Rhuomai” (Strong's #4506)

(3) "to deliver into the hands of...for the purpose of judgment."  -  “Nathan(Strong's #5414)

(4) "to have ample space between oneself and one's enemies." “Yasha” (Strong's #3467)

Therefore, today we can stand assured that whatever our need is concerning deliverance; our Jehovah Mephalti is well able to manifest it.  When we combine the four definitions above we can comprehend that our God will not only rescue of His people from the dominion of Satan and the world system, but in the process of rescuing and delivering from, He will draw and deliver us unto Himself.  One commentary summarizes the entire deliverance process as:  “To be removed by God from the hand of the enemy and drawn close to Himself, from which position God places us in confrontation with the enemy on God’s own terms, in order for us to gain victory and defeat the enemy, and to experience freedom from oppression in an ample and secure place.”

As you seek your Jehovah Mephalti today, ask Him to reveal to you the areas in your life where total deliverance has not yet occurred - as well as any obstacles and road blocks that are still preventing you from obtaining your total victories. 

Let your prayer for today be: “Today I will embrace every concept of deliverance.  I will also never permit my mind to return to its former state.  Therefore, my deliverance will produce to a lifetime of freedom ….never, ever to be bound again.”

I decree and declare that it is so…..  In the name of Jesus – Amen. 


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