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Day 7—The Day of Illumination
Lord may I permit your light to shine through me—REGARDLESS.
(The Lord my light - Psalms 27:1)

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men love darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” St. John 3:19 (NIV)

Read Psalm 27

To encapsulate the concept of “Illumination”; we could state that illumination is when God, through the working of Holy Spirit, conveys to us an UNDERSTANDING of a revealed Bible truth.

So today, Lord I ask that you illuminate every area of my mind that appears to be dark - void of understanding. Your Son has come to us as our Light; as our path … as that road which reveals an understanding of your desires for us.

Jehovah Ori; as the ultimate Illuminator; you are the lamp unto my feet (my current situations; where I walking now) as well as the light unto my path (my future; the situations that I have not yet encountered) .

Today, I seek the Holy Spirit as never before for a fuller revelation of who you truly are Jehovah Ori…. For without revelation I will have no illumination.

I ask you Lord, my JEHOVAH ORI; that as a result of this consecration, I will continually seek your face for the true illumination. May I never fall prey to the ideologies, concepts, and endtime thought patterns that have been released from the kingdom of darkness. If I must stand seemly alone; then so be it. Permit me; empower me to never compromise or keep hidden the illuminated revelations that you have given to me. My effectiveness and stamina as an endtime warrior will only be maintained if I seek you daily for a more in-depth illumination of my previously learned strategies. This is a necessity because yesterday’s strategic planning has been exhausted. Only you can illuminate my understand to the extent that I am assured of my success daily against every diabolical plot and plan.

May I realize that just because it’s a new year, that fact alone won’t assure me of receiving your “multidimensional” illuminations. Lord, enlarge my territory…. - the territory of my mind, which will produce new imaginations, a new comprehensive vision and an unquenchable thirst for you.

“Jehovah Ori, may I permit your LIGHT to so shine through me, that I may then in return, have that ability to share with others the wisdom, revelation knowledge and endtime strategies that you disclose to me.
I decree and declare that it is so….. In the name of Jesus – Amen.

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