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Blessings Everyone Day Four:

Please pray for those who are kept against their wills illegally in human trafficking. Parents, I am going to speak to you. After consecration on today, God wants you to know that he is with you. Trust in him only and he will make a way out of what you view as the impossible. If I, the Lord your God Blessed you with children, surely, I will provide a way for you to take care of them. I will not Bless you with children you cannot take care of. Everything you need is inside of you, The Holy Spirit will lead and guide you if you are willing to listen, obey and trust him. You do not have to sell your sons and daughters to an arranged pedophile marriage where they will be physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually abused. Parents, you do not give your children to human trafficking under the false pretense of having a better life, because they will not, again, they will be abused sexually, physically, mentally, verbally and spiritually. I need my parents to listen to the small still voice that is talking to them. I need my parents to think and seek my guidance and I will reveal the tricks of the no name. Most importantly, I have given you my children, yes, my children and charged you faithfully to take care of them. I will hold you accountable if you knowingly allow my children to be sold into human trafficking. You cannot claim ignorance either, because I have talked to you and you ignore my voice. My children are precious and I have given them to you. Who do you think is the creator of life? It’s me, the Lord your God! I have sent you warnings and it’s time to open your spiritual eyes and pay attention. I love my children and that is why I sent my only begotten Son Jesus to die on the cross for their sins. As believers, please Continue to pray, fast and take a stand against sex Trafficking and human trafficking. It’s real, it’s not going away unless we come together corporately to take a stand in Jesus, Ne’Eman.


Senior Pastor Syanika Porter and Asst Pastor Mother Patricia

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