Did Your Midwife Kill Your Baby?

Watch Your Midwives!

       “Now also we beseech you, brethren, get to know those who labor among you….”   I Thessalonians 5:12


Warriors, because you stand against the kingdom of darkness, you must at all times know those to whom you have given the power and the authority to assist you in the various stages of your birthing processes.  Simply because our Father is the supreme originator of creativity; we His children should allow the creative nature within us to birth forth into some new manifestation on a regular basis.  Far too often we have witty inventions and new ideas however we permit the opinions of others to kill them before they are manifested.  In other words, we have permitted a midwife from the kingdom of darkness to kill our babies!  The role of a midwife is an extremely vital position. This person has the ability to give life or to cause death, to enhance or to diminish, to encourage and bring hope; or to cause confusion and bring total despair, to your future.

In the book of Exodus, chapter one we are given an account of the creditability of the midwives. The Bible states that the midwives feared God! In the dimension that we have now embarked; as an endtime warrior, you must exercise extreme caution in the acceptance of one who desires to serve you in the role of a midwife. (The role of a midwife is not gender sensitive.) You must only permit those who have the ability to understand the true reverential fear of God, to be entrusted with the safeguarding of your vision. Some of you have had the OPPORTUNITY to excel to various heights and positions…. but have not done so. You haven't made these accomplishments, because your midwife has slaughtered your dreams and visions. Just at the point when you were in the proper position to give birth; at just the time when the midwife was supposed to assist you into bringing your vision, dream etc. into total manifestation - because your midwife was not assigned to you by God, you gave birth,- but your midwives were used by the enemy to intervene.  Your midwife killed your new born dreams or visions.  Your midwife was on an assignment – with diabolical intent …. and was used by the enemy to introduce the spirit of fear  - which caused you to walk in doubt and unbelief.


Therefore, some of you will now have to adjust and amend the positions of those to whom you thought you could trust. It is imperative that you always seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit before enlisting the eager assistance of those desiring to assist you in ministry or in your Christian journey.

Remember - a warrior is a warrior at all times. Why? Briefly, the strategic mindset of a warrior is always focused, and purpose driven.  A true warrior will never permit their mind to stray from their divine call and destiny!  A true warrior knows no defeat.  A true warrior has learned to triumph in EVERY situation. 


Therefore, as warriors, we must always bear in mind that the enemy is ever attempting to gain access to us. We are most vulnerable when we are embarking upon a new venture. This is why we must be ever so selective when accepting one into our confidence….as they respond to our need for a midwife!


A true spiritual midwife will have developed the maturity to ascend in worship and to descend in strategic purpose; to proactively travail in prayer and have a keen spirit of discernment. Above all, they will have learned to daily walk in the reverential fear and wisdom of Almighty God.   


“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”  Matthew7:15

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