Discipline is the Key

“Listen” and Obey

“But whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.” Proverbs 1:33 ESV


One weekend I had the opportunity to go out of town and visit a church that I had not previously attended.  When I returned home, as I was reflecting, the Lord had me to focus on one specific incident.

One of the ministers in the service was asked to pray after the reading of the scripture.  However, when this minister came forward, he stated that he wanted to give a brief praise report about something that had recently transpired.  Well, the pastor immediately and politely spoke up and asked him to please just pray now and that he would be given the opportunity to give his praise report at a later time in the service.

Children of God…. we must listen and obey at all times.  It doesn’t matter whether we are in a service, on the job, or in the mall.  Where ever we are; we are subject to the rules that have been established.  Sometimes we fail to realize when we are not disciplined and when we begin to operate in what our flesh desires.  It doesn’t matter what the desire … disobedience is still sin!  We must constantly ask ourselves “why” am I really doing what I’m doing; “when” I’m doing it? Also, are my actions AND my motives to truly bring glory to God?

Now back to the service that I previously mentioned.  There had already been a time allotted for Praise Reports.  We must never attempt to override the instructions that we are given in a service.  The proper method to handle any “leadings of the Spirit” that you may feel, would be to confer with the Pastor or the person in charge… FIRST.  We must trust that God has and is directing the Leader.  The Leader is accountable to God.  Whatever they permit or disallow will be judged by God.  We are never to override whomever God has permitted to operate as the Leader.  Many people fail to realize that during a service there are specific anointings which are released….. which should be recognized by the person who is presiding. Therefore, one person operating “out of sync” can negatively affect the flow of the Holy Spirit!

When that person was given the opportunity to express their Praise Report, it was in reference to a prestigious elevation that they were going to receive.  The Praise Report was well received…. But I just wonder if it would have been more effective if it was spoken within the allotted time for Praise Reports. 

We must be ever so careful that we listen to God and obey His instructions… exactly. He will never “speak to our spirit” and tell us to just do what “we” think is best when the order has already been established. 

Rebellion on ANY level is still as the sin of witchcraft (I Samuel 15:23)!  We must be ever so alert in these end times that we are not permitting the enemy to ever so carefully and cunningly ease his way into a situation.  When we are determined that we want God to truly get the glory; we will operate in total obedience…regardless.

Obedience requires submission.  Submission requires a broken and a freed spirit.  To receive a freed spirit, one must be willing to live a lifestyle that has been disciplined and is heeding the voice of the Lord. 

Now is the time when we MUST listen with our inner ear and discipline our spirits to flow in total obedience.  This entire process is sustained by an ongoing intimate relationship with the Lord.  To paraphrase on I Corinthians 10:23…. Every good thing is not a God thing!!!

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” Revelation 2:7

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