Don’t Allow the Problem to Steal Your Peace!

Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them”

Nothing can entice them to sin – Nor can the sins of others cause them to fall.   Psalm 119:165


Our Christian walk is one that is very complex; possessing multifaceted combinations of ideas, concepts and precepts.   Therefore it is vital for every successful Christian to undergo a complete “makeover” if they are going to operate from the plateau that the Lord has decreed.  We must realize that we need to embrace a complete transformation beginning with our minds.  Now for some. this was easier than for others.   Sadly to say, there are those who have been studying the word of God for many years; …and are still having difficulty with comprehending the plans, purposes and intent of God – simply because their minds remain carnal.


 So… along this road as we journey towards our divine destiny; our minds must be freed from the mindsets that have been engrafted into us throughout our entire lives. We must now begin to uproot the “former things” and replace with them God’s decreed plan for success.  For example; We’ve been taught to think for ourselves and to use our own brains.  Now the Lord is telling us  – not to think for ourselves nor lean to our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). We’ve been taught to govern everything through our five senses.  But God tells us to trust and adhere to a force which operates outside of the perimeter of those senses (John 14:26) .  We’ve been taught to fear spirits and the like.  Now the Lord – whom we can’t see (John 4:24); is telling us to trust in the leadings and guiding of a Spirit. .. that we can’t see.  Also… we were taught to defend ourselves by avenging people for the wrongs done to us.  From childhood we were taught, “If somebody hits you…you better hit them back.”  But the Lord said that vengeance belongs to him (Romans 12:19)


So, when we stop and really consider our present way of thinking; we can understand why our minds must be renewed.  We can truly understand that God’s ways are contrary to those that we have spent a lifetime adhering to. 


Therefore, as we refer back to our subject for today ….We also must learn not to worry.  When we can finally grasp the concept of God’s love for us….we will understand that the problems in life are only problems when we view them from our old mindsets and from the point of not fully understanding who God is.  Nothing in our lives occurs without the knowledge and approval of God.  Now,  no God doesn’t send calamities and such….  But He will permit them and use them for His glory….( that’s another lesson for another time!)


So because God loves us, He has warned us that in this world we will have tribulations  - but the statement doesn’t end there.  It continues – but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world  (John 16:33).


Ok….so what is God saying?.. “Don’t allow your problem(s) to steal your   peace.”  We must always remember that we have an enemy who has one thing in mind – and that is to make us doubt and distrust what God has said.


The two words problem and peace are words that everyone can relate to. 

But I need you to know that every problem that occurs in your life is preordained by the Lord to push you and enable you to understand and to walk in His peace.


Life is full of situations, which,  if we are not alert in the realm of the spirit – will cause us to view them as problems instead of possibilities for God to manifest his peace.  The choice is yours.


How do we not allow the enemy to steal our peace?

  1. Daily renewing our mind with the word of God.
  2. Refusing to be confrontational – Know who you are. (Matthew 5:25a)
  3. Reminding yourself that you are in a spiritual battle – that our war is not against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12).
  4. Rehearsing in your mind and out loud the promises of God (Psalm 1:2).
  5. Remembering…Whatever is dominate in your mind will rule – govern what you watching on TV, Listening to on your ipod, etc.. If I am constantly listening to, reading or watching the incorrect material, I might be opening the door to fear and allowing the negative opinions of others to cause me worry.


Peace – is a mindset.  As I’ve often said… It is not the absence of adverse situations  - but it is the mindset that ALL IS WELL… REGARDLESS!  So if I am walking in a lifestyle that is in accord with the Lord’s guidelines – I can claim the promises of God.  He has promised that I will ALWAYS prevail!


Just because the battle is intense…..Don’t allow the problem to steal your promise,

Just because the journey is long....Don’t allow the problem to steal your promise

Just because the road is lonely…Don’t allow the problem to steal your promise,

Just because it appears that things are not going to work out…. Don’t allow the problem to steal your promise…..



His peace will prevail…..if you demand and command it to do so!!!

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