Don’t Fight The Change….

Go With the Flow!

“See, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? …. “Isaiah 43:19 NIV


Don’t fight the change! As you are currently aware, most of the seemly concrete pillars which were previously stable are no longer so.  The onset of the passing coronavirus pandemic has implemented major alterations in our daily life patterns. 

Saints….especially for those of you who are actively serving in Leadership; it is imperative that  you become more characteristic to the flow of electricity.  Think in retrospect to those chemistry classes. Remembering some of the lessons on the study of electricity will assist us in the comprehension of today’s meditation.  An electrical current will always flow down the path of least resistance.   When there is a blockage, the current will quickly attempt to discover a new path.  Therefore, we must emulate the same and become more yielding to the Holy Spirit; adhering to the new path – without resistance …. That He is now directing us to follow.

I’m sure that most of you have noticed the recent atmospheric occurrences which have transpired.  These are only symbolic to and mirroring the fact that there has been a major shifting in the realm of the Spirit.  We ARE in a new place.   We are therefore experiencing and sensing the “newness” all around us.  We must remember that change is attempting to materialize in all things and in everything which concerns us.  The Lord is saying, “Don’t fight the change….just go with the flow!”.

Many times we will gladly welcome change - in some areas, but resist it in others. However, in this season…. “Don’t fight the change…. Go with the flow”. 

Ok…. let’s refocus our minds back to thinking about electricity.  Why do people get shocked?  One of the reasons is that they interfere with, intercept, and attempt to block the flow of the electrical current.  Therefore, if there is a certain electrical current or force field; and you cause a break in it …BAM!!…. you will receive a shock!

The Lord has permitted the release of a new flow; a different type of flow.  Saints, stay in the flow!  Avoid getting shocked!

Years ago, there were occurrences when we would to listen to a radio station or television broadcast and we would hear a sound that we called static.  This sound was produced because something had interfered with the natural flow of the sound waves or the current.  The sound of the static was not the problem.  The sound of the static was the indication that there was a problem.  The problem was that something had caused a stillness; an interference; or a break in the flow of the current.  In other words, the sound waves were still transmitting; however the static was relaying to us that there has been a disturbance in the flow.  The static was indicating that something is resisting, fighting against and interfering with the natural flow.   The static was communicating that something needed to be altered.

Saints, (especially Leaders), don’t become the cause of static in your ministry.  Don’t fight the change.  Go with the flow of the Holy Ghost.  Our increase in every area of our lives can only be received when we are pliable enough to go with the flow and not become our own hindrance; inviting self-sabotage!

Don’t wait for the lack of sound … or the sound of static…… to occur.   Flow along the path of least resistance in the realm of the Spirit.  This flow will not be familiar to your natural man or mindset; but within your spirit. you will receive an affirmative confirmation that it is from the Lord. This flow will require major adjustments.  However, your successfulness as an endtime warrior is dependent upon your ability to swiftly adapt and adjust to the new flow.

When uncertain of which path to choose – enter into a season of consecration to receive specific instructions.  Remember, go with the flow of the Holy Spirit – whether it be upstream or across stream!  Just as in the natural – when we go against the proper current or the flow….we will receive an indication that we’ve interrupted the flow.  That indication is referred to as a “shock”.  There may be times when the Lord will need to send you a “spiritual shock” to bring you to a state of alertness if you are not adhering to His flow! 

Let’s listen to the Lord. 

Let’s avoid interrupting or causing an interference in what the Lord is now permitting to transpire. 

Let’s get on the move…. and go with the current…... to prevent getting shocked.  

Finally, let’s just go with the flow and be guided by the all-seeing eye of the Lord!

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”   Psalm 32:8

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