Don’t Judge – Just Love

Don’t Judge – Just Love

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”       Matthew 7:1 &2 (ESV)


Whom are you judging?  Of course your immediate response to this question is – “No one.  I don’t judge anyone.”  But if you were to closely monitor your actions, thoughts and motives; they might reveal quite the opposite.

To judge is to arbitrate; assess; to rule on etc.  Therefore, prior to one having the ability to perform such; they must have ALL of the correct information.  They must have the truth versus the mere facts.  Far too often we view situations from our own opinions or our own knowledge of a given – which usually contains a limited, biased amount of information.  Far too often instead of loving ALL people; in EVERY situation; we – though unintentional - show expressions of love to some more readily than others.  What’s also amazing is the observation that we can even convince ourselves that GOD is directing our incorrect thoughts and actions!

God needs us – His ecclesia; His church – to be the living examples of the type of unconditional love that He had demonstrated through His Son, while He was here.  He hasn’t called us to judge anyone – only to love them.  He hasn’t asked us to condemn anyone – only to love everyone – all of the time.  We must realize that when we are judging others – in most instances we are doing so from a residue of the spirit of pride that is still lingering within us; or from a platform of our own insecurities and unresolved issues or from incorrect information that we have perceived as truth.  

Ask yourself; “What is hindering me from showing unconditional love to everyone that I encounter?”  I must remember that everyone that I encounter on a given day will also have on opinion of me.  Will I have left them with an impression that SHOWS them the love of God?  If not, why not?  Whatever the reason maybe…. “it won’t hold water!”  In other words – whatever my reasoning – God will not receive it as acceptable.  He has loved me through, in, and prior to all of my fallacies.  Now He expects me to go and to show that same love to others. 

He has shown us through His Son that His love extended beyond the boundaries of culture, race and creed (John 4).

He has shown us through His Son, that His love extended beyond the boundaries of presumptuous sins (John 8: 1-11).

He has shown us through His Son that his love extended beyond the boundaries of those who had falsely accused or wronged Him (Luke 23:34).

Therefore, whatever reason we may express – God will show us that His son has already encountered it, endured it and defeated it!  We are therefore without excuse for any valid reason for judging ANYONE.

So, I must remember:

  • I can’t allow the opinions of others to keep me from reaching out to those who are in need of receiving God’s love from me.
  • Ask myself – WWJD (What would Jesus do??)
  • My actions must reveal the love that God has extended to me – REGARDLESS!!!

“….What the world truly needs is love….God’s unconditional love which knows no prejudice……but is shown to others…. by His people who have received the same!”


“…….. And love thy neighbor as thyself”.  Mark 12:31

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