"Encourage yourselves in the Lord.

To Pastor Teyshana Wiley and " I am A Ruby Family" ...Everyone is not going to be as happy and excited about what God is doing in our lives as we are. Even when they can see the divine hand of God elevating you to the next level in Christ Jesus, and in ministry.. Don't be discouraged." Today my prayer was that we try to live by principle, not by feelings. In order to do the things we need to do without emotions getting in our way and be determined to try to never violate the principles by which God requires us to live our lives, regardless to what someone else says or does to us. We must live our lives before God, faithful to God. No matter what. Even if that person acts unfaithfully toward us,he/she will still be the beneficiary of our walk with the Lord. If we live our lives to please heaven, we must not be affected by the people of this earth. Encourage yourselves in the LORD. God bless you and keep you in His tender love and care is my prayer. Mother Shirley Lee 

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  • Thank you daughter, Mother is so grateful for what God is doing in all our lives, I  know how the enemy operates. everyone is not going to be happy for us are excited to see what God is doing in and through us in this season.  I just want everyone to be encouraged in the Lord. We are all in the right place at the right time.  I love you ALL so much and you ALL  are such a blessing in my life. 

  • Amen, and bless you Mother Shirley for the Encouraging words of the Lord. Love you and keep on being a soldier of the Lord..

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