“Endure!  Don’t Quit! Due Season Is Coming!!!”

So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.”         Galatians 6:9       (The Message Bible)


Be encouraged!  Your journey may have been long and the nights sleepless.  However, just remember that God will always prove Himself to be faithful.  Whatever He has promised … it SHALL, and it MUST come to pass. WHY?  Simply because He is NOT a man that He would lie!!! (Refer to Numbers 23:19).

 Endurance is the key at this stage of the game.   Change = Endurance.  The more drastic the change, the more intense must be the level of endurance.  When we begin to think about that word endurance – we will immediately relate it to some sort of battle, struggle or adverse condition.  The Greek word for endure (hupomeno); is defined as: “to persevere under misfortunes and trials; to hold fast to one's faith.”  Therefore, if there are no opposing forces, or conflicting circumstances… then there would not be anything to press through – there would be no reason to “endure”. 

When we look at a bowl of fruit, it may very well be balanced and neatly arranged.  However, at that state, the fruit which is just sitting in a bowl is not being eaten. It is not fulfilling its purpose.  Even though it has endured and weathered various stages to arrive at its present state, it still hasn’t fulfilled its purpose and yielded the benefit for which it was created.   Now… if the fruit is going to be consumed by our bodies, it must still undergo even more changes.  It must be broken down and transformed into another state so that it will produce the ability to be absorbed by our bodies.  Then it will be totally useful, valuable and fulfilling its created purpose. 

We, like the fruit which is sitting in a bowl, must endure …..and not become: fatigued, worn-out, drained….WEARY, during our processes of alteration.  Sometimes we become weary because we have focused only on our spiritual man and haven’t amended the activities that will benefit our physical man.  Remember….There is no substitute for maintaining healthy eating habits, and getting the proper amount of rest and relaxation. 

Change requires Endurance…..and Endurance also produces Change!  It IS our due season…. However, we will only reap our harvest if;

  • We continue to endure every facet of change as a good soldier (2 Timothy 2:3);
  • We are determined to EMBRACE every stage of our change….
  • And we don’t give up …..nor become weary!

Remember, the reward isn’t given to those who begin a race…only to those who endure…. and complete the course!


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