Enhanced Instruments of Righteousness

“………..but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.”  Romans 6:13b


What do your hear?  A new sound has been dispatched from the heavens and is seeking new instruments.  This sound is seeking the instruments that have the ability to receive it and blend it properly so that it forms a new chord! 

In this season, we must listen with the ear of our spirit for the new chord.  As we hear it, we must receive it into our spirits.  Then it becomes our responsibility to share it and to instruct others in the proper disciplinary spiritual insights, which are required for them to become “new instruments”.

This new sound is a call to alertness, a call to dedication and a call to true holiness.  The message is the same; however the tactical maneuvers have been enhanced.  In this season; God is requiring His true worshippers to hear a sound; which has been released from a dimension that has not previously been available to them.  

As this new sound is received here on earth, then blended by many (unified) and released back to the Lord - it will ascend as one voice; one perfected sound unto the Lord.  Although in the realm of the spirit - we may hear several complexed chords they will still ascend as one voice; one perfected praise unto the Lord. 

This new sound, once we have received it into our spirits, will enable our souls to become transformed into the expressed mind and will of God. Now, at this point, our minds will have the capability of becoming renewed, and our bodies will be disciplined enough to be brought under the subjection of the Holy Ghost; and presented as a living sacrifice.

Many prophetic gatherings - true prophetic gatherings, are receiving the manifestation and the divine presence of the Lord as never before, simply because they have disciplined their spirits; and have heard the new sound.  No more “church” as usual!  It’s a new day and there’s a new sound that needs to be released among the people of God – by those who have the maturity to hear it.

This new sound - prophetic in nature, has no limits and no boundaries! Yet, its nature and it focus is discipline, its character is divine and its application is strategic.

Leaders, Warriors, the new sound has been released…..Have You Heard It?

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