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Tarot reading is to gain insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question than drawing and interpreting cards. YES, YOUR FACEBOOK GAMES YOU PLAY THAT SAY WHAT COLOR REPRESENTS YOU, WHICH FLAVOR OF LIPSTICK BEST DESCRIBES YOU AND ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS ARE A FORM OF WITCHCRAFT!! So you may say how is that? does it gain insight into past, present, and future events by formulating a question? It does not draw cards becasue the picture represents the cards and does it not give an interpretation? I am quality myself of participating in it but once the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance about witchcraft and the association to it I stop entertaining the enemy.
Here are some scriptures to look up!!
Lev. 19:31 & 20:6
Deu. 18:10-12
Michah 5:12
Isa. 8:19
I Chronicles 10:13-14
Rev. 22:15
1 Corinthians 10:21
Daniel 2:27-28
There are more scriptures that are related to this subject. Read and ask The Holy Spirit for revelation.
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