Former Habits, Mindsets, Desires, Actions ….

Are They Dead or Dormant?

Read Ephesians 6:10-18


As we progress and grow towards becoming that “profitable” servant; we should discover that many of our ungodly habits and desires appear to no longer be present…which is a great accomplishment.  However, as my Grandmother would say, “Every shut eye ain’t sleep”.


The Lord wants to deliver us from everything that would hinder our walk with Him.  Yet in many instances, we have mistaking thought that we have been delivered from a particular spirit when we really haven’t. Sometimes we’ve eliminated the fruit – but not the root.  For example, we may have seemingly had an issue with: uncontrolled anger, envy, or extreme competition. However, we may not realize that these are only the fruit which have been produced.  The seed or master spirit here may be jealousy or pride.  So I may have dealt with the fruit – yet the root is still lying dormant within me – waiting….sometimes for years to manifest itself again in a different type of fruit.  (I’m really trying to keep this as elementary as possible… I know that some of you have no clue as to what in the world I’m referring to!  However, just hang in there…put this one on the shelf and come back to it later! LOL!)   


So, we must ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us any of the areas in our lives where we think that we have received a “healing”, or deliverance.  We must make certain that whatever appears to no longer be prevalent in our lives, is truly dead….and not just still sitting around….dormant.   (Now…if you are one of those “perfect” people who really can’t see any areas in our life that need to be altered – let me help you a little. Your number one culprit is pride!) 


Therefore, because we are living in these endtimes, we can’t make assumptions.  We must make certain that total deliverance has occurred in various areas of our lives – and that we are truly dead in those areas.  We can’t afford to have an issue surface at an inopportune time   – that we thought was gone!  When we are aware of an unresolved issue in our lives; then we can avoid the “triggers” until we are totally delivered.  However, if we aren’t aware of the fact that an issue is still on board – the results could prove to be disastrous!


Lastly, the Lord is telling me to remind/inform you that deliverance will not be obtained through professional counseling.   It matters not whether the counseling is rendered by a Spiritual or Secular Counselor.  The victory over spirits will not be obtained through counseling! It requires deliverance not counseling.  Attempting to counsel a spirit is synonymous to applying a band-aid to a broken leg and wondering why it won’t heal; or why it healed improperly! 


However, once an ungodly spirit is dead (and not dormant); once we have been delivered from it …. then we can seek the proper counseling; if it is still necessary. (Luke 11:24-26)


So just be certain that issues that you once encountered; without regards to how major or minor they may seem to be; … have truly been bound; which means to be stripped of their power and rendered no longer effective.  Be certain that they have been cast out….. and that they are not merely lying dormant….. awaiting an opportunity to surface ….at just the WRONG time!

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