Four Different Types of Organizational Cultures

Clan (Collaborate) Dominate attribute:

Cohesiveness, participation, teamwork, sense of family

Leadership style: Mentor, facilitator, parent figure

Bonding: Loyalty, tradition, interpersonal cohesion

Strategic emphasis: Toward developing human resources,

commitment, and morale.

Adhocracy (Create) Dominant attribute:

Entrepreneurship, adaptability, dynamism

Leadership style: innovator, entrepreneur, risk taker

Bonding: Flexibility, risk, entrepreneur

Strategic emphasis: Toward innovation, growth, new


Hierarchy (Control) Dominant attribute:

Order, rules and regulations, uniformity, efficiency

Leadership style: Coordinator, organizer,


Bonding: Rules, policies and procedures, clear


Strategic emphasis: Toward stability, predictability, smooth

 Market (Complete) Dominant attribute:

Goal achievement, environment exchange, competitiveness

Leadership style:  Production and achievement oriented decisive

Bonding: Goal orientation, production, competition, 

Strategic emphasis: Toward competitive advantage and market superiority

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