Full Access Season

Full Access Season

“For everything there is a season and a time…..” Ecclesiastics 3:1


This morning while in prayer the Lord stated that the season of FULL ACCESS is upon those who are reading this today.  Although hundreds will receive this, only those who are NOW ready to reap the harvest will read this today, August 15, 2023.


God said that the portal is open but only for an appointed time.  This is the appointed time and therefore, restoration is available to those who have been faithful, alert, diligent, and remained militant in their allegiance to the call that they were assigned to.  The portal is open, however wisdom is required to be gainful in this season.  Don’t become distracted by the sudden increase of wisdom, stamina, favor and finances that you will receive.  Don’t fall prey to the snares that have been established for your demise.


This is the season for the manifestation which was quoted in the book of Joel. Doors of opportunity are open for you to receive the years that the locust destroy,  The cankerworm destroyed dreams and project as they were budding,   The caterpillar prevented your plans and purposes to be destroyed after the groundwork had been established.  The caterpillar represents destruction at the “second stage” of development.   The palmerworm represents that wandering spirit who migrates from place to place, and attacks at the moment your manifested occurred.


However, God has said this is the season and this is the appointed time of restoration, restitution and the replenishment of all…. Yet.. you must be ever so cautious to use wisdom, don’t get heady, remain humble and bless ONLY those to whom I instruct you to bless.




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