Get the Junk Out..

And Keep Your Water Shaft Unpolluted

“David said on that day, Whoever smites the Jebusites, let him get up through the water shaft and smite the lame and the blind who are detested by David’s soul….”   2 Samuel 5:8 (Amplified)




As we read this story about the capture of Jerusalem from the Jebusites we will find that King David had a strategy.  This reminds us that whenever we are going to be victorious in any type of confrontation – we must first have a strategic plan. Bear in mind that our adversary isn’t powerful nor a genius - but he is strategic and tenacious. 


David’s plan was to use the water shaft. Basically, a water shaft was an underground conduit for bringing water from a spring into a city. David knew that the water shaft would give him the access into the city – yet give him the ability to arrive undetected.  David didn’t attempt to devise a new method to gain access – he just used what was already available.  


What device is used as the water shaft in your life?  What is the source in your life that keeps your soul, (your mind) and your spirit refreshed?  Whatever the source, we must make certain that our personal water shaft remains free from debris.  We can’t afford to permit our water shaft to become clogged nor to circulate polluted water.


The enemy will use whatever access is available to gain entrance. He will try to poison your water shaft.  He will try to clog up your water shaft.   By any means necessary… he still wants access to kill, steal and destroy. He will use your eye gate, ear gate, etc. to gain an access to pollute your water shaft. 


You see…Water is one of those resources that our bodies need on a regular basis.  Both our physical and spiritual bodies need a fresh supply of water on a daily basis.   Our natural body is composed of mostly water.  Statistics have revealed that our bodies are more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water.  A human can survive for a month or more without eating food, but only a week or so without drinking water!


So in the natural – so in the spiritual.  It is vital that our spiritual bodies receive water – that living water…. in order to be effective. So by any means necessary – keep your water shaft unpolluted. 

Daily maintenance is a dire necessity.   Ask the Lord for a sharpened and a keener discernment with the ability to detect the enemy while he is yet afar off! 


We have to govern and disinfect our spiritual water shaft constantly!  The water is pure because it is flowing directly from the throne of God.  However, am “I” permitting my water shaft to become contaminated because “I” am not maintaining a DAILY regimen of spiritual cleansing?   Am “I” the cause of someone else receiving contaminated water because my water shaft is filthy with the ideologies, concepts and precepts of the world?  Am “I” yielding my ear gate to music that is not structured and inspired by God?  Far too often we, the body of Christ will attempt to justify and legalize anything that we desire.  Old data that is outdated and now non-productive MUST remain in the past… and we MUST receive all things new – if we are going to have the ability to successfully stand in these last days.   We cannot permit our souls to find contentment in the pleasures of the world IF we want our water shaft to remain clean and unpolluted.


The Bible states that there shall be many in the last days that will come and DECEIVE.  Warriors – don’t be deceived.  Don’t permit your spirit man to feed on music that is not ordained of God.  Just because someone may verbally “SAY” that they belong to the Lord – doesn’t make it so.  People often ask me if it’s okay to listen to secular music.  My response is this.  Music is known as a universal language because it is generated from the soul and spirit of a person.  If my spirit man is to maintain a certain stamina; it cannot do so by receiving from one who has not acknowledged God’s lordship into their lives. Secular music will appease by flesh and my soul – but does not have the ability to enhance my spirit.  The Lord has equipped several musical artist to accommodate us for EVERY occasion and emotion! Therefore, the proof will be in the pudding!  It’s all or nothing – anything that is lukewarm…. God will spew out… and so should we! Again…. if I am going to keep my water shaft in the condition that is satisfactory to the Lord – then I must “step up my game”, become more focused and remove any “junk” that is attempting to clog or pollute my water shaft.


Remember: It’s the “little” foxes that spoil the vine…. So it only takes one small action, one gate left unprotected, one small breach in the wall….. to permit an access to your water shaft…. Which can lead to the potential of your entire water shaft becoming polluted!

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