Giants DO Fall…..But That’s Only Phase One!


“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”  Ephesians 6:12 ESV


Sometimes we get so excited when we have made an accomplishment that we forget to return to “tie up” the remaining loose ends. 

Nothing in life is unconquerable. Romans 8:37 reminds us of this.  God’s love for us assures us of the fact that we are more than conquerors.  To be more than a conqueror means that I have the assurance, that there isn’t any circumstance which will arise, where I don’t have the power to be victorious.  To be more than a conqueror means that I have learned that every challenge is a challenge because I view it from that perspective.  So, without any reservation, I must always remember and know that I can’t be defeated… simply because every battle has already been won. Therefore, every giant WILL fall.

Now… usually the difficulty arises after we’ve stood in faith and caused our “giants” to be conquered in this realm.  After we’ve received major victories and breakthroughs; or after we’ve been the recipient of numerous accolades– this is when we must remember….that this was only phase one.   In other words; after that giant of sickness has been slain and you’ve been healed; how do you maintain your healing?  After the giant of debt has been slain – how do you maintain your debt free status?  So, whatever your giant – after it has been slain – you must realize that the journey has just begun.  

How do we maintain our “giant free” status?  By establishing…. prior to its defeat, a strategy that will prevent that giant from re-gaining access in the future.  Make vital amendments to your thinking by altering the material that you’re reading, watching and listening to.  Establish a relationship where your accountability is governed by one who is spiritually mature – and who possess a keen sense of discernment.

When David heralded the stone and hit Goliath, he completed the process by cutting off Goliath’s head.   Remember EVERY giant will fall…but when it falls… don’t become content and retire your weapons.  Complete the process.  Forbid any retaliatory move from the enemy in the form of backlash, whiplash and demonic reversal!  Remember….  When one giant falls - their big brother in the realm of the spirit -  is waiting for an opportunity of revenge!    


“Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” Matthew 12:45

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