Got Clutter .... WHY??

 Got Clutter .... WHY????


Have you ever taken the time to consider why you feel the need to keep in your possession all of the items that you are not readily using? No doubt most of us have a collection of items that we aren’t using. The question is, “Why do we still have them?”

There could be many reasons why we feel “comfortable” in keeping all of our possessions. Sometimes we hold on to things for sentimental reasons. Many times, the spirit of fear is the underlying culprit. This spirit has come in and is “holding the door open” for his buddies: doubt, pride, procrastination and everyone else to enter. In other words are you holding on to “your stuff” because you feel as though you might need it one day? (That’s probably a Fear of Lack! .. apply Philippians 4:19) Or because you feel as though you’ve paid too much for it and someone else won’t properly appreciate it as you do? (Pride!.. apply Philippians 2:3 ) Or simply because you haven’t taken to time to get rid of it? (Procrastination! Proverbs 6:6)

Whatever the reason – the time has come for us to get rid of whatever we are not using. God has called us to be a channel not a harbor! We are asking God for increase. We are asking God to return ALL that has been stolen or lost. However as we receive – NO….. let me correct that statement – BEFORE we receive…..we need to begin to sow in every area at an accelerated rate! Listen! If you have an array of items that you aren’t using in the natural – guess what? That’s probably a revelation of what’s going on in your spirit man! Most of us have become comfortable in permitting God to use us in a given area. Yet, we still have other gifts within us that are just not being used. These gifts are now formulating into spiritual clutter; and preventing us from exceling.

How do we get rid of spiritual clutter? By first repenting. Then by asking God to reveal and reactivate those gifts and callings which are lying dormant with in us. Lastly, by maintaining a sense of freedom. Refuse to permit the opinions of others to “lock you in” in a given area.

The only way to avoid clutter is to change your mindset! Don’t be comfortable having anything in your possession that is not in use. Those clothing that get transferred from closet to closet every season…..sow them to a shelter. That exercise equipment that sits around starring at you…. Donate it. Jewelry that you no longer wear….give it away. Whatever reason you used to justify your clutter is no longer acceptable!

Also learn to develop strategies that will afford you the opportunity to be more of a giver in both the spiritual and natural realms. Become more organized! As you begin to get rid of the clutter … and become more structured… will be amazed at how the Lord will begin to restore to you ALL that has been stolen, taken or otherwise lost!

“But all things should be done decently AND IN ORDER.” I Corinthians 14:40 (ESV)

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