One day in the mountain region of Scotland, a gigantic eagle snatched a little boy out of his crib and flew away with him. The people of the village ran out after the big bird, but the eagle perched itself upon a nearby mountain crag. Could the child possibly be rescued? A sailor tried to climb the ascent, but he was at last obliged to give up the attempt. A robust Highlander, accustomed to climbing those mountains, tried next and even his strength failed. At last a poor peasant women came forward. She put her feet upon one shelf on the rock, then on the second, then on the third and in this manner she rose to the very top of the cliff. While all below held their breath for sheer fright, she came down step by step until she stood at the bottom of the rock with the child safely in her arms. Immediately shouts of praise arose from the crowd that had gathered.

  Why did that woman succeed when the strong sailor and the experienced mountain climber had failed? Because that woman was the mother of the baby. Her love for her baby had given her the courage to do what the others had failed to do. If the love of Christ is in your heart, you, too, will find that you will have the courage to do whatever he directs you to do. AUTHOR: Henrietta Mears

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  • Glory ! Glory to God! Alleluyiah

  • a man the joy of the lord is my strength
  • Amen, Pastor Mother Dee, I love it. We all have Faith, Courage, Wisdom, and strength inside of us. Perfect Love cast out all fear. Wonderful Teaching..

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