Transitioned for Transformation


If change is to be effective, relevant and complete, it must occur in our minds.  Therefore, if I haven’t altered my thoughts, opinions and ideas concerning a certain matter, then my actions will not produce a permanent change.

According to the dictionary, transitioned means a process or period which something underwent a change and passes from one state, stage, form, or activity to another.   Therefore by its very nature the word “transitioned” bears witness that I have altered some component of my being.

I have not transitioned if everything about me has remained the same.  However as previously stated this process of transitioning begins in our minds.  My actions will only reflex the activity that my control center - my mind - has ordered. 

Transformation however, expresses the end product; a completed change. 

Today, in this season, God is especially using those who have permitted their minds to be transitioned by the indwelling power of Holy Ghost…. and through that transition, He has brought them into a state of transformation that cannot – will not ever be diminished.  It is these Saints who are “Transitioned for Transformation”. 

Although the renewing of my mind is a progressive process; once the transition has produced transformation in a given area – then, that area cannot ever be controlled by the enemy again.

When I have been transitioned for transformation:

        I now have the ability to treasure and to be entrusted with the “weightier” matters.  (Luke 16:11)

When I have been transitioned for transformation:

        My total allegiance is to no one but the Lord. (Matthew 22:37)

When I have been transitioned for transformation:

         I don’t have any excuses for not walking in obedience to the call of the Lord on my life.  (Luke 11:28)

When I have been transitioned for transformation:

         I know no defeat – I don’t have the ability to, nor the knowledge of failure.   (Philippians 4:13)

When I have been transitioned for transformation:

         I have not reached perfection in every area – but I am a threat to the kingdom of darkness!  (Luke 10:19)


Above all; when I have been transitioned for transformation, I am now ready to:

 Receive the Manifestation…. Expose the Revelation.. and To be a Demonstration of God’s written Word for all to observe. 

Have you been Transitioned for Transformation????


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