Heavy Weights Build Strong Muscles

Heavy Weights Build Strong Muscles

And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; Romans 5:3


In earlier years we sang a song entitled, “Jacob’s Ladder”.  It was one of those songs which had a seemingly endless amount of verses!  Each verse would end with the statement, “Soldiers of the Cross”.  At that time, I didn’t fully understand the concepts that were attempting to be expressed and impressed upon us. 


Today we have saints who fail to realize that they are “soldiers of the cross”. As a soldier, I must understand the fact that God has orchestrated every test, trial and difficult situation, for no other reason than to build my spiritual muscles.


Far too often we have only obtained the ability to successfully lift a ten pound weight in the realm of the spirit.  Then, we seem amazed when we are confronted with a situation requiring the ability to lift fifty pounds and we are unsuccessful – often blaming God for our inabilities and fallacies.  Sadly to say, we can constantly observe Saints who are enduring very rigorous physical exercises and toning every physical muscle – however their spiritual muscles are flabby, weak and are in deplorable condition!  Physical exercise is extremely important – however we must exert MORE into the development and the conditioning of our spiritual muscles than those of our physical bodies.


So how do we begin to build up our spiritual muscles? 

  1. Trusting in our own relationship with the Lord. As a babe in Christ, it was tolerable for us to always run and whine to other Saints with our problems and difficult situations.  However, when will you begin to trust and validate your own relationship with the Lord?  When will you begin to lift those heavier weights in the realm of the Spirit and really believe who and whose you are?  When will you believe what YOU say to the extent that you will KNOW because of your relationship with the Lord that whatever you’ve asked…. it’s done!?  When will you begin to build those muscles of faith and realize that God has given to you the power to only SPEAK to every adverse situation and command that the promises prevail ?                                                                                                             

I can attest to the fact that in extremely difficult situations, I’ve sought the Lord; trusted in Him and Him alone – without sharing the information with anyone else…. and He has NEVER failed. Sure, at the onset, my faith hadn’t matured to this level…. it was a process that had to begin at some point. When we ask God for something; and then proceed to ask someone else; that’s an indication that our spiritual muscles need to be toned.  In other words, that’s symbolic of asking your earthly father for something; and then, once you’ve asked him… you run off and ask someone else to accommodate you.  Would that occur?  Absolutely not!  ….Only if your doubted him or felt as though he was incapable of producing your request.    So it is with our Heavenly father.  We must learn to trust Him with the assurance that He WILL grant our every request (that is in alignment with His word). His integrity is beyond reproach.  We can’t forget that we are joint heirs with His Son; and we must believe in our own relationship with Him. Of course thoughts will come and attempt to weaken your faith.  However we must be determine to lift those heavy weights by standing on the Word of God – if we are going to have those strong muscles. 

 (Now if you feel as though your walk isn’t strong enough yet for you to stand alone or your faith hasn’t progressed to this level yet; by all means seek for and request the assistance of others who are stronger than you are.  However, we must be determined not to be “co-dependent” upon anyone…other than the Holy Spirit!)


Yes, we are climbing a Spiritual ladder where every round gets higher and higher.  The song Jacob’s Ladder also asked the question, “Do you think you’ll make a good soldier?”


As we lift the heavy weights in the realm of the Spirit, we will build those strong muscles which will enable us to effectively, successfully and strategically stand as an endtime soldier.  Then we will have merited the ability to respond with the concluding verses of the song by responding, “Yes I know I’ll make a good soldier”.  Then and only then will we be able to come into agreement with the last verse…. and totally “Rise, Shine, and Give God the Glory”.


To be continued…..

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