Holy Week Day 2: Doubt Get Out!!!

Holy Week Day 2: Doubt Get Out!!!

“Verily I say unto you, if ye have faith, and doubt not……” Matthew 21:21


One of the events which is recorded for this day is the manifestation of the withered fig tree which had been cursed by Jesus on yesterday.  Both Mark and Matthew explain their amazement as they approach the tree.


Our limited concept of the miraculous power and authority of God can also often be compared to that which was housed in the minds of the Biblical disciples. Although they had actually seen the demonstrated displays of Jesus’ power, the Bible states that they marveled and they seemed amazed with the rapid results of Jesus’ spoken words (Matthew 21:20).  What is even more interesting is the fact that Jesus declared, that after all that they had seen – they still lacked in their ability to understand who He was.  Most importantly they didn’t fully comprehend who TEYHEHHhhhhhHEY were because of their relationship to Him.  Jesus responded to their insecurities and named those insecurities  “doubt”; informing the disciples that even though one has faith – doubt can’t be on board.


Today, we are often encased in that same “prison” of doubt.  Doubt has established invisible barriers around our minds and has prevented us from understanding and really gasping who we actually are in Christ.  We fail to experience the enormous amount of power that belongs to us simply because we permit doubt to: enter in……get a latte….. sit back and get comfortable!


So, I present a challenge to you. Refuse to permit this spirit; the spirit of doubt; to control your actions any longer.  How is this done? By the continual process of “Identification and Eviction”.  Daily we must move in the confidence that is established in the Word of God.  Therefore, when doubt attempts to surface – acknowledge it; then cancel the effects of its power and evict it by SAYING the Word of God.  Don’t doubt yourself! …And especially don’t doubt the power of the Word of God!  You must know and remember… If I can think it – (and it’s legal!) I can do it! 


When Jesus walked the earth, He did what no other person had ever done prior to His existence.  Why? He wanted to give to us the example that we have been empowered by our God to manifest on this earth, what other gods of other religions can’t produce. Jesus was the living example FOR us, to demonstrate TO us, some of the things that we should be accomplishing.  However, we must rid ourselves of doubt.


Doubt comes to:

D – Destroy; O – Override; U – Upset; B – Bind; and to T – Threaten.  

To Destroy our dreams and hopes.

To Override God’s power and authority.

To Upset our foundation of faith that has previously been established.

To Bind us by limiting and forbidding our progress.

To Threaten us by making us presuppose the worst. (And then he (doubt) brings in his “roadie” unbelief and his big brother FEAR!)


Make a conscience decision to actually DO what God has placed in your heart, mind and spirit to accomplish.  Come into an agreement with; and a oneness with the plans that the Lord has for your life. 


Refer back to the recorded story of when the people were attempting to erect the tower of Babel. The Bible said… “and NOTHING shall be impossible for them because they are of one mind” (Genesis 11:1-7). If we, as people can accomplish anything that we desire when we become “as one”….. can you imagine what would result if we ever totally became “as one”… and in total agreement with God as Christ was? (John 17:21)


So, as of today make a conscious decision to… be bound… no more!  To be deceived ….no more. Take the limits off.  Send the spirit of doubt a memo by: Email, Text, FB, Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram or TikToc!  Inform him that the drama is over… and all future performances have been cancelled!  


Inform the spirit of doubt that as of today it has received an eviction notice – effective immediately. Now…. Begin to BOLDLY walk in your authority!


Remember: I John 4:4b “…..You have overcome them, because greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world!”  You CAN accomplish ANYTHING that the Lord has commissioned you to do!!!  The sky is not the limit -because there is NO LIMIT when the spirit of doubt has been eliminated!



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