Holy Week: Day 3 - L.I.S.T.E.N.

“The Voice of Silence”

“For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, ……..”    Psalm 62:5

As we review the events of Holy Week we can observe that this day was called the day of Silence.  There are no recorded events for this day; however, that should not imply that Christ was idle.  Even when that are moments when there are no visible displays, the Spirit of the Lord is always at work.

One of the most rewarding and intimately fulfilling experiences that one can embrace is their relationship with the Lord.  Furthermore, as this bond begins to become more “seasoned”, our fellowship with the Lord transcends the “outer court” experience – and will embrace the natural and mature fellowship - which is characteristic to that of a “holy of holies” occurrence.   Within this dimension, one will learn to truly appreciate their relationship with the Lord.  They will enjoy the conversations with Him which are not relative to this realm, but are held “spirit to spirit”.  In other words, these conversations occur on such an accelerated level, that information is transferred more quickly than our brain can receive, process and transmit the words to our mouth! Consequently, you learn that it’s useless to even attempt to speak to Him with your natural mouth.  So, you just settle down and allow the “mouth of your spirit” to communicate with the Lord. 

One morning, while having one of these conversations, the Lord asked me, “What do you hear?” I responded, “I don’t hear anything”.  Again he said, “What do you hear?”   I replied, “Nothing”.   Then, a third time he asked, “What do you hear?”  Well…. by this time, I’m thinking about Peter!   I’m thinking… Okay,  I’m really missing something here!  So I waited for a while, then I replied, “I hear silence.”  The Lord replied, “YES!...so you do hear something!  You hear silence.” Then he said, “Now, listen pass the silence.  What do you hear?”  As I listened more intensively, I answered, “I hear conversations”. (Even though the language wasn’t a spoken language that I was familiar with – it seemed as though I could understand exactly what was being transmitted). ….  Yes, he responded, “Always remember that in times of “silence” the enemy is diabolically planning, strategizing, and regrouping.  Therefore, use those times that appear to be silent wisely”. 

“Listen”, He said, “For the voice…the Voice in the Silence.  The voice that will signify the shift in the wind.  Listen for the voice of distractions.  Acknowledge them...but learn not to entertain them.”  He further said, “As you listen to the voice, in the silence of the wind, you will be able to distinguish and interpret the sounds of the wind.  Listen for the wind within the wind.”

To Listen in the realm of the Spirit……… Is To…..

L = Look and Learn; Look beyond this realm into the multifaceted dimension where God’s sovereign authority is evident. Then LEARN how to walk in the liberty of the Lord. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

I = Ignite Your Expectation (Proverbs 10:28)

S = Settle Your Spirit (Romans 12:1 & 2)

T = Temper Your Mind (Philippians 2:5)

E = Exercise Your Kingdom Authority (Matthew 28:18)

N = Nurture Your Information Received (Matthew 7:6)

As endtime Leaders (and Saints), we must know how to listen...not just for the voice of the Lord, but listen with a discerning ear for the “Voice of Silence”.   God has equipped us and established us as His ambassadors to properly discern the times.  Just as he led His people through the wilderness with a cloud and a pillar….He’s still leading us through our endtime wilderness (natural & physical).  However, we must know how to LISTEN. As we adhere to the proper listening techniques, we will know how and when it is the appropriate time to move His people (and ourselves) to their next place (and our next place) in Him.

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