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My Ultimate Forgiver
Lord, May I remain cognizant that forgiveness is a decision!
(God that forgave - Psalm 99:8)
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Read – Matthew 18:21-35

Without getting an in-depth comprehension of God’s love for us, we cannot even initiate a conversation on His forgiveness. Through our ignorance, we exhibit some of the same characteristics as the ungrateful servant in Matthew 18.

Although we don’t usually envision it to be so, the concept of forgiveness is birthed from a seed of love. Inevitably, when we increase and engulf an awareness of God’s love—then the DECISION to forgive one another will become as natural to us as breathing.

For far too long we have been deceived into thinking that forgiveness must involve forgetting as well. Forgiveness is a decision not a feeling. Forgiveness is not reliant upon the acceptance nor the initiation of the offender.

Forgiveness is a principle that was established by God because of His love for mankind. He knew that man would sin. He also knew that (1) sin would separate man from Himself and (2) His love for man was so great that He didn’t want to be separated from him. Hence He has given to us His most precious gift in the person of His son Jesus to atone for our sin, thus bridging the gap caused by sin.

Therefore, whatever “traps” that I become ensnared in that will cause me to commit a sin - because of God’s unconditional love for me - the blood of Jesus has already made atonement for them. I must now learn how to receive God’s forgiveness for myself and apply it to others who may: offend, attempt to misuse, or abuse me. I must also realize that to walk in unforgiveness is only a deceptive tactic which has been released from the kingdom of darkness in an attempt to paralyze the body of Christ. Unforgiveness mandates that I will never fulfill God’s destiny for my life.

In contrast to the concept that many people have….What a blessing it is to forgive and not forget – but REMEMBER! To remember the offenses that have scarred me – yet, to have finally reached a plateau of spiritual maturity in the Lord, where I now possess the ability to DECIDE that I will administer true forgiveness to my offenders!

So, my prayer for today is: “Reveal to me Father, any areas of unforgiveness that are still lying dormant within my subconscious arena. Peel back the layers of my mind to expose every crevice where unforgiveness is yet hiding. Free me from every band of unforgiveness. Then Lord, may I daily embrace and extend to others the true forgiveness that you have extended to me.
And it is so!”

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