I’ve Got It……And I’m Going To Keep It!

Read - Deuteronomy 28:1-14


As the Lord begins to restore you to your wealthy place it is imperative that you have already made the proper preparations to maintain the same.  Planning, discipline and an open ear are a few of the essential tools that must be implemented.


(As a reminder, wealth is not limited to monetary increase or the gain of possessions in the physical realm.  We’ll discuss the subject of wealth at a late time.)


Begin now to write, amend or develop; (depending upon your individual level of spiritual maturity) an enhanced, strategic maintenance plan.  This plan must incorporate the well-defined vision that the Lord has given to you concerning your destiny.   Your plans must satisfy the required steps which are needed for you to obtain your God given goals.  Statistics have verified that most of the people who are sudden advanced to a higher plateau don’t maintain that status mainly because they didn’t have a written plan that they could use as their guide.  (Refer to Habakkuk 2:2a)


Although some people have very well organized plans – they lack the discipline and the tenacity to adhere to their plans.  In order to change my disciplinary actions, I must change my approach – my mind must be renewed. (Refer to Romans 12:2)  Discipline requires renewal.  Many of us lack the discipline to stick to those tasks that go “against the grain”.  However, we must also realize that some of us would have advanced a little sooner, had we applied just a little more discipline throughout our lives, in the areas that were more significant. 


Lastly we must fine tune our ability to hear the voice of the Lord. (Refer to John 10:27) Our ear must be open only to His guidance and direction.  Break that mold that causes you to think that our God is limited in His access to you.  When you know His voice, you will be able to recognize it without regarding the source from which it is being projected.   When you know His voice, and hear His voice, you must have a submissive spirit that will cause you to advance in “instant obedience” to His call.  When you know God’s voice, you must not waste time…Attempting to question His judgment.  An open ear to His voice will enable you to make the proper investments – those which WILL bring a profitable gain.


Yes… God has promised to return the years that: the locust, the canker worm, the caterpillar and the palmerworm have stolen (Refer to Joel 2:25).   This has already begun for many of us! However, as the return is restored to you – how are you going to keep it from being devoured?  One way is by remembering that it has now become your responsibility to be a good steward.  This entails the application of God given strategies.  The application of the same will usher in the assurance of keeping all that has been restored to you.  You will maintain your position as the head and not the tail - above ALWAYS and never, ever beneath…. again!


(Note: By “keeping” we are not implying hoarding, becoming selfish or fear based saving. We must remain focused and use wisdom in the areas of our: time, gifts and talents.  Our ability to remain disciplined will prevent the opening of a door that would permit enemy access!)


           “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.” 

                                                     Proverbs 19:20   (ESV)

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