Integrity = A “Transparency” Which Must Be Displayed

May I daily mirror and display a “lifestyle” of integrity.

Yahweh Sali”

(The Lord my rock. –Psalm 18:2)


The Lord is my Rock and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.                      Psalm 18:2


Read: Psalm 18 & Psalm 34


When we disrespect those who are in authority concerning us – and influence others to do the same; we are in walking in open rebellion.    At this point, WE have opened an entrance for the enemy to come in; take off his shoes and have a cup of cappuccino!   However, more importantly, we are also displaying the fact that the Lord is still not our rock.  Therefore, we are not walking in the level of integrity that will permit us to stand undefeated in these last days.


The evidence that the Lord is my rock is proven and displayed to others by the degree of integrity that daily governs my life.   If the Lord is my rock, I will not fall prey to the mindsets of this world and its dishonest principles.  “IF" the Lord is my rock, I will not stand upon the motivations, nor, find rest in the comfort zones, of anything that doesn’t come into alignment with the integrity of His Kingdom Principles.  My level of integrity must excel the mere living a lifestyle that others can observe as being that of a “Christian”.  I must be an open display in the realm of the spirit; to be observed by every diabolical force; that my dedication to the Lord is authentic.


Therefore, as of today O Lord, may my every thought, motive and action affirm the fact that you are truly my rock.  It is you that I run to daily to support and anchor me.  It is you that I depend upon as my pillar, as my prop, as my leaning post, as my only genuine stake; which possesses the ability to remain stable and unyielding in this ever - changing world.


Lord, it is only because of your revealed quality as Yahweh Sali, that I am capable of remaining unshaken in the midst of every storm. Even nature has revealed that in the eye of every hurricane or tornado there is a place of total peace. I have discovered that it is the guidance of your eye, Yahweh Sali, which is capable of giving me total peace and stability when the turmoil and devastative effects of spiritual or natural tsunamis manifest themselves in my life.   No matter what occurs, because of your integrity to me, - I can always find comfort in the fact that you have hidden me in the “cleft of yourself” and permitted me to find safety in the “secret place” of who you are.  You have allowed me to abide under your shadow. It is in you that I can wholeheartedly trust.   May I never forget that you have been and will always be my perpetual ROCK.


“On Christ the SOLID ROCK I stand….ALL, ALL, ALL other ground is sinking sand!”


Therefore, I will perpetually keep myself under the restraints of the Holy Ghost; who will assure me the power to walk in the level of integrity; that permits the Lord to be visibly displayed in every circumstance and situation that I may daily encounter…..

And it is so!


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