It’s Legally Mine - I’m Still The Legal Heir

Read: II Samuel 4:4 & II Samuel 9


One of my favorite writings from the Bible is found in II Samuel 9.  This story is about a boy named Mephibosheth.  I don’t have the time to relay the entire story…. But, the bottom line is that Mephibosheth, who was the son of Jonathan, and the grandson of Saul was being carried by his nurse when he was quite young. One day Jonathan and Saul were both killed in the same day.  The city became in an uproar.   Mephibosheth’s caretaker was trying to protect him from any harm by removing him from the commotion.  So she began to run with him in her arms. However, while she was running; in her haste, she dropped him – and as a result, he became permanently crippled.   Longer story short…. He was therefore sent to live in a place called Lo Debar.   Years later, King David (who had bed the best friend of Jonathan) inquired if there was anyone still alive from the linage of Jonathan.  Mephibosheth’s name came up. King David sent for him; rescuing him from Lo Debar and brought him to live in the king’s palace.  (Please read the entire story again to obtain and to grasp a more in-depth understanding.)


So… Today we must remember that we must take authority over the results of negative incidents which occurred in our past.  They can’t prevent us from receiving what is rightfully ours, if we walk in obedience to the directions of the Lord!  There are certain blessings that we are privy to - simply because of whom we are.  Mephibosheth had no idea that he was going to be blessed.  As a matter of fact, when King David sent for him, he was fearful thinking the worst!  The fear arose  because usually when a King sent for someone it meant unpleasant circumstances.   However…Mephibosheth was a legal heir – and wasn’t even aware of that information.  He had no idea that the King’s summon for him was to relay some awesome news!


What lesson can I glean from this story?  Frankly, I should NEVER forget that because of my spiritual lineage, I am a legal heir to everything that my Heavenly Father possesses! Hallelujah!!!!   I am an heir of my father’s; and that makes me a joint heir with Christ (Romans 8:16).  I therefore, can expect to walk in the power and in the authority the Christ possessed; yet in a greater magnitude; producing a greater return (John 14:12).  Wealth and riches ARE in my house (Psalm 112:3); and the devourer IS rebuked! (Malachi 3:11)


As a legal heir I must realize:

  • Who I am, whose I am and for what purpose I have been placed where I am.
  • I am called to live in this world; however my royal lineage will not permit me to become comfortable in anything that doesn’t represent my regal status.
  • My every anticipated provision has already been accommodated for.
  • When God’s appointed time arrives: He is able to and will send someone from somewhere to come and rescue me from my “Lo Debar” … invite me to the King’s table… and reward me what is rightful mine.


…..Because I AM a legal heir…. I have at my disposal ALL that I truly need; all of my needs ARE met.  I AM the head and not the tail…Above ALWAYS and NEVER beneath.  So it matters not the physical APPEARANCE of my current situations.  I AM the legal heir…. therefore, I decree that soon and very soon…today even…. the continued manifestation of who I really am will begin to become physically evident!  (Because it already exists in the realm of the Spirit!)


Therefore... Because I am a legal heir…  I AM walking in my greatness, and Greatness is my portion – REGARDLESS!!!

…… AND my legal heritage is not for a “season”…It’s an ETERNAL LIFESTYLE!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

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