It’s Only Your Process…

So Don’t Throw In The Towel!

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11


During the past year we have had the time to adjust most of our schedules to a slower pace. We in America were living in an era where spending long hours preparing and cooking food, was almost to be compared with typewriters and dinosaurs!  We had adhered to and adjusted to the notion of reducing some of the steps and cutting a few corners; while yet expecting the end product to still remain the same. Most of us had not learned the art of “waiting”, nor how to persevere and gracefully endure each phase of a process.

Let’s consider making some rolls. Many people really enjoy freshly baked warm rolls; straight from the oven.  However, have you ever considered that there are various processes involved prior to receiving this end product?  If you are going to bake rolls – the dough must be properly made, permitted to rise; punched down; reshaped; and then permitted to rise all over again.  Then, after more preparation… this dough will be placed into a hot oven where the process continues.  If just one step in this process is eliminated; if just one ingredient is measured incorrectly; if just one condition is adjusted improperly – the end product will not produce the expected and anticipated results.  The entire process must be permitted to “run its course” – if you desire to have rolls which have the correct texture, taste and appearance.

When we read the story of Joseph’s life; (Genesis 37:3-41:4); we can realize that life is a process.  Joseph didn’t advance to be the King without enduring every stage of his process.  Far too often we are attempting to reign as a King, without enduring the foundational principles gleaned from the experiences of a pit.  Joseph had to endure the consequences and apply the wisdom learned in the pit, and at the house of Potiphar, and in the prison; prior to his ability to reign in the palace.

Every occurrence in your life was and is vital!  Every circumstance presented a building block that has been permitted, as a foundational pillar, from which your future will be erected.  If just one incident in your life had been altered – you would not have learned from that experience, nor have the wisdom that you now have achieved.  Every part of your process is of grave importance.

Always remember the concept of making rolls.  When making rolls, the dough will rise only to be punched back down again… and sometimes again. Then reshaped, set aside to rise again and shoved into a hot oven!

So don’t become discouraged when you have exceled….. only to find yourself knocked down and back at square one all over again…. But rather rejoice.   There are lessons to be learned on every level that will equip you for your future stability.   God has made plans for your life.  He is simply taking you through the process that will bring you to His expected end for you.  Wherever you are right now – your present conditions are only temporary and the stepping stones along this path called destiny!

Remember, whatever you are experiencing right now…. …. It’s life.   It’s vital.  It’s God ordained….. and……   It’s only a necessary part of your process. 




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