Kingdom Principles or Miracles?

Kingdom Principles or Miracles?

Are you still waiting with great expectation for your next miracle?  Well… that’s great!  However there needs to come a time in our lives, when our level of faith augments from little faith to great faith.  In other words, in all actuality – Why did Christ perform miracles?  Was it not to affirm His character among the non-believers, increase their level of faith, and to draw them into a trusting relationship with Him?

A miracle can be defined as an act of God that can be identified by both believers and non-believers; and that defies the laws of nature. 

As we do a little research we will readily discover that every miracle is associated with some degree of faith.  The reliance upon miracles are for those who are still yet “babes” in their level of faith concerning the Lord. (I Corinthians 14:22) 

So, let’s climb down out of those high-chairs, take the bibs from around our necks and walk in the assurance of every Word that God has spoken!  It’s time for us to live a lifestyle of daily occurrences that defy the laws of nature. It’s time for us to walk in the confidence of the Lord that is recorded in I John 5:14. When Jesus gave to His disciples the Model Prayer (also referred to as the Lord’s Prayer); did He instruct them to ask for miracles or to walk by faith?

How do we increase our level of faith?.... By getting out of the boat.  In other words …by coming out of our comfort zones and trusting God to do exceeding, abundantly MORE that we could ever ask, think or imagine…  And know that He will do it according to that power that works, lives and reigns in us. (Ephesians 3:20) 

Come on now… The world needs to see US; the true believers of God, living a lifestyle that is “Faith” filled.  A life where the principles of God are exemplified on a daily basis.   We should not walk in a “Fear” filled lifestyle as they do.  Our lives should of course display many miracles and examples where God has intervened and revealed His faithfulness.  However, we should not spend our days in a state of uncertainty… merely “hoping” that God will manifest a miracle and release us from a situation….. a situation that maybe He has permitted; simply in an attempt to catapult us to our next level in Him!

So instead of always looking for a miracle; let’s say as Paul said; “Whatsoever state I’m in, I’ve learn to be content (Philippians 4:11).  Whatever situation arises - I won’t worry, nor will I pray for God to immediately alter it or to remove me from it.  My mind is set and focused.  I know with a certainty that God loves me….and that He is working everything, everything, everything for my good.

Miracles are awesome, are expected and greatly appreciated.  However, as we mature in the Lord, we will learn to rely on His kingdom principles.   We won’t NEED God perform a miracle to validate His presence – but we will have learned how to patiently apply His principles.  We will learn how to use our words to command that the results of every situation come into alignment with God’s written word.  We will daily rest in the assurance of His faithfulness.  We will view every situation as an opportunity to give Him the glory…  for all things – and IN all things…..REGARDLESS!!!!!

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