Know God’s Voice….And Move Quickly!!!

“And when you shall HEAR the sound of marching in the top of the mulberry trees, then you shall advance quickly.”  I Chronicles 14:15


Today the Lord, our Baal Perazim (the God of Breakthrough) is confirming His position in our current battle.  Just as He was with David, He is reminding us that His wisdom still supersedes that of the adversary. 

When reading this story in I Chronicles (or II Samuel) we discovered that “Our Lord of Break -Through” required  David’s response  to be quick and at precisely the right time.  Let’s consider David’s responsibility.

  1. David had to know the voice of the Lord.
  2. David had to remain alert and attentive in the realm of the spirit.
  3. David had to already have his weapons and be positioned offensively.

When we attempt to correlate this story to our daily lives, we must remember that:

  1. David sought the Lord for direction prior to the onset of the battle.
  2. The Lord went before David and “Broke Through” the front line of the enemy’s defense.
  3. Whatever the Lord has done before, He still has the power to do again.

I found it interesting that David was told to LISTEN for a certain sound. If we are going to know exactly when to advance, conquer and reclaim our territory; then we must critique or fine tune our ability to recognize a specific sound. Far too often we are listening to and following the wrong sound!  For example, David was instructed to listen for a specific sound - the sound of marching.    

Next, the sound was in a designated place - the tree tops.  Not on the ground, nor in the air, but in the top of the trees.  Lastly, David was told the type of trees from which the specific sound was to resonate. 

So, because Our Baal Perazim had already preceded David, he (David) was able to be victorious.

Our God is still operating as a Baal Perazim today.  He has broken through enemy territory and is permitting us to recover all!  But we must LISTEN for our specific marching orders.

Don’t permit a delay in your recovery because you didn’t hear or recognize the voice of God concerning His specific instructions, advising you how and when to advance - and recover all!

The wealth of the wicked IS ours; however, we must adhere to the precise, explicit instructions from the Lord if we are to be privy to it!  (Note: Research the word “wicked” ; and receive a renewed application!)

Just as David did…. Seek the face of God, Listen for the Sound, and March QUICKLY to your  victory.  

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