LEADERS! Be Authentic!

Don’t Be An Imposter!


“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”  St. Matthew 5:13


There are two substances, which many of us normally experience some type of interaction on a regular basis.  Although from a distance, one could be mistaken for the other – however, their molecular composition is quite different.                                        

The two substances in question are: table salt and white sugar.  While both have the ability when viewed by the natural eye, to share certain characteristics in appearance, color, and shape – the substitution of one for the other would prove to provide catastrophic results!  Both are solvable in hot liquids; yet, someone would never desire to add a teaspoon of salt instead of a teaspoon of sugar to their favorite morning mug.  Disastrous result would occur.  On the other hand, if one attempted to use sugar as a preservative – devastation and ruinous effects would be inevitable.

When we refer to our reference scripture, we can observe that Jesus informed his disciples that they were to be the salt of the earth.  Ye are the salt of the earth.  What exactly is the implication of this statement?  Jesus was informing His disciples of the power and the authority that they possessed.  He was using a substance that they were very familiar with…. Salt.  They were neither privy to nor equipped with the modern mechanics or mechanisms of our current era.  Salt was to them the common commodity - containing the multi-faceted ability to serve numerous capacities. Therefore for Jesus to use this analogy, the implication of its impact on the minds of the disciples was extremely enlightening!  Jesus was informing them that they had been entrusted with the ability to bring to the earth every quality that they knew was common to salt.  In essence, they were to bring to the earth Purification, Preservation, and Protection. 

In our society, we have too many Leaders who possess the delicate character qualities of the simplistic nature of sugar, rather than those characteristics which are common to the complex durability of salt.  We are faced with the consequences of Leaders who are imposters!  Leaders who desire to display their ecclesiastical titles and the like instead of possessing and exemplifying the fruit of the spirit –They are IMPOSTERS!  Leaders who are displaying and living undisciplined and ungodly lifestyles – IMPOSTERS!  Leaders who are not attempting to aggressively seek the face of God on a daily basis – IMPOSTERS!  …. And what is even more damaging are those leaders who are confusing others by adding a stamp of approval to compromise – IMPOSTERS!

If we are going to equip the body of Christ with the tools necessary to be salt rather than sugar, we must be the first partakers.  Leaders we must stand up for and adhere to those guidelines for righteous living that are ascribed in our Holy Bible.  It matters not what our judicial system dictates or deems correct.  If their statements are in contradiction with the Word of God – we are to obey God.

 Leaders - Stand Up for the Word of God….Trust the authority of God…… and above all don’t compromise or negate your mandate to be the true SALT and not SUGAR in this world of mass confusion!                    

                                                          NO MORE IMPOSTERS!!!!!

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