My Breakthrough Prayer

A Prayer For Breakthrough

“Breakthrough Oh Lord, so that I may break forth”

Yahweh Perazim ”

(The Lord of Breakthrough –II Samu)el 5:20

So David went to Baal Perazim, and there he defeated them. He said, "As waters break out, the LORD has broken out against my enemies before me……………… (II Samuel 5:20)



As we enter a new season, Lord I ask you to permit the power of the Holy Ghost to “breakthrough” and to break up any type of residue that is still attempting to linger in my spirit; any lingering mindset that will prevent your power from having its full range in my spirit. Yahweh Perazim, I summit my will to you now, and request that you break through it.  Burst forth as the waters through an overly stretched dam.  Break forth with your explosive, uncontainable power. 

As you broke through and rescued David from his enemies, breakthrough the plans and devices that my enemy, the master deceiver, has concocted for my demise and destruction.   Break through every shackle that is still attached to my feet, thus attempting to prevent me from being in my “appointed place” at the correct time. Break through the thorns and thistles in the realm of spirit, which produce the “snags” that permit me to misuse or waste valuable time.  Break through unhealthy, nonproductive relationships.  Break through every barrier and “smoke screen” that is hindering and blocking my vision - still preventing me from aggressively and confidently advancing.  Break through every negative spirit that the traditions of man have instilled in me, which are hindering the effectiveness of my warfare on a daily basis.  Yahweh Perazim, search my entire being, layer by layer.  Whatever concepts, precepts, ideologies, methodologies and the like, that are contrary to yours – break them up, move them out, replace them with your wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

And now Yahweh Perazim, as you break through, may I daily begin to perceive and receive the results and operate in the freedom which is being produced from my enhanced position of power and authority.  May I begin to break forth into one who is: feared, detested, hated, envied and begrudged by the kingdom of darkness.  Now, I have been freed.  Now, I AM free,…. to be moldable clay in your hands.  As you use me mightily, may I always remain cognizant and grateful to you, Yahweh Perazim - for your prodigious “break -through” anointing.  May I never become arrogant, conceited or heady – only more confident as I walk and rest in the freedom that only you have the ability to provide. 

…..And it is so!

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