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My Ultimate Creator
(The Lord Creator - Isaiah 40:28)
“Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

Read Psalm 51

Today O God may my cry unto you flow from a heart that has the capacity to receive more of your creative nature. I acknowledge now that it is only through your Divine craftsmanship that I will be freed from every impurity. So I ask you not to renew my heart; but to create - to take from “my nothingness” and compose a completely new heart; a throne from which I will have the ability to receive a renewed spirit. May I no longer be enslaved to those concepts, precepts, ideologies and strongholds that are relative to my former sin nature.

Today Jehovah Bore, may I begin to totally understand the awesomeness of who you are. Only you could CREATE a plan that would permit the redemption of fallen man. Only you could CREATE a plan for the justification of fallen man. Only you could CREATE a plan for the sanctification of fallen man. Only you Jehovah Bore could CREATE a plan that reveals your ultimate love for fallen man.

So today, I submit and surrender my heart to you Jehovah Bore, for a complete cleansing; thus producing a “newly created” heart which is now composed from none of the negativity or ignorance of my past. A brand-new heart which possesses a “newness” that only you through the power and presence of Holy Spirit have the ability to CREATE……

"Create In Me A Clean Heart" by Donnie McClurkin
Create in me a clean heart; And purify me, purify me
Create in me a clean heart; So I may worship Thee.

Cast me not away from thy presence; Please don't take your spirit from me
And restore the joy of salvation; So that I may worship Thee.

Create in me a clean heart; And purify me, purify me
Create in me a clean heart; So I may worship Thee.

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Comment by Senior Pastor Prophetess Monique on November 7, 2018 at 6:48am

Amen Grandmother Queen Chief Apostle Bishop Boatwright, yes, O Lord, continue to create in me everyday a clean, renewed and refreshed heart.  My God, thank you for always creating daily in my life a new, clean, purified and Godly heart so that I can always be the true Leadershifter you have called me to be.  

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